Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 Honest Review and License Keys Giveaway

Auslogic BoostSpeed is a complete set of essential tools to optimize and speed up Computer overall Performance. Integrated tools are broad and diverse letting you access and tweak almost all elements of computer. To begin with interface and Layout of Controls, it is intuitive and everything well ordered.


Installer is just 8 MB in size. While testing, I used Auslogic BoostSpeed v 5.1. (latest at the time of writing this review). Consists of 5 steps which includes changing Installation directory, Creating Shortcuts, Sending Data to Developers, etc. Overall, 2 minutes or less than that to complete everything.

Main Interface

Program Interface is divided into four sections: System Scan, System Advisor, Resourse Usage and Advanced Tools. On first run, program recommends scanning complete system.

BoostSpeed 5 Review

System Scan

Scanning includes finding Registry Errors, Junk files, History Tracks, Optimization Settings, Disk Error and Disk Fragmentation. It took 1 Minute 56 Seconds to complete full scan for first time.

BoostSpeed 5 Review

Scan Results were astonishing as it detected 3891 problems on my Computer when I already have Tune-Up Utilities 2011 installed with scheduled maintenance. These Problems can be browsed in details if you want by checking Show Details option.

BoostSpeed 5 Review

Just One click and all Problems will be Repaired when you hit Repair button. Repairing problem ofcourse took longer than its detection.

In System Scan, you have access to Quick Tasks which lets you erase Browser History, Windows History and Optimize Memory.

System Advisor

This is another interesting set of suggestions advising to disable unknown, useless services and features which we don’t use. Program itself scans our system to generate these advices. For example: It will ask you to Disable Fax Services.

BoostSpeed 5 Review

There are Many Options which we don’t use and they are enabled slowing up system like Tablet PC input Panel, Smart Card, etc. So, these can be disabled in one click.

Resource Usage

This is less or more like Windows Task Manager but more detailed and offering more control. It can be used to find out specific Process or Service hogging up Memory or RAM usage. Moreover, Rating system makes it easy for us to identify suspicious background processes.

BoostSpeed 5 Review

Advanced Tools

Addition of these comprehensive tools into one program makes this an all in one System Optimization software. Advanced Tools consist of almost all essential tools categorized in 9 sets:

1. Disk Maintenance

Disk Cleaner – hard drives clean of unwanted and obsolete files: Archives Windows Update, log files, applications, history of open files, the magazine’s list of downloads and web browsers, etc.

Disk Defrag– Disk Drives can be defragmented and optimized for faster read and write access. Report of Analyzed and Processed files is given.

BoostSpeed 5 Review

Disk Doctor– the utility checks the disk for file read errors. If it founds an unreadable sector, the Disk Doctor recovers the data recorded in this sector and transfers them to the newly allocated cluster.

2. Free Up Space

Remove Duplicates: This Module Frees up some space by finding duplicate files (photos, MP3, Documents, etc.) You can fine tune your search by applying file size, file type and location filters.

Disk Explorer: It can generate report on files stored on Disk. Find out which file occupies most space on Hard Disk. I was expecting graphical reports but this module is quite below standards when compared with other similar programs.

3. Software Control

Startup Items– Thoughtful and very functional startup manager, which not only lists applications that are added to the startup folder or registry key Run Services but also blocks malicious ones. Advanced mode displays additional modules starting at the launch of Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer.

BoostSpeed 5 Review

Using the Startup Manager you can change the location of startup applications, or add the necessary application to autostart.

Installed Software: Along with uninstallation of applications, it allows you to uninstall Windows Updates. It is not so sophisticated like other dedicated software like Your Uninstaller pro.

4. System tweaks

Tweak Manager: This is another impressive module letting you tweak various aspects of various elements of various applications. Along with Windows features, it also includes tweak of MS office, Firefox, etc.

Optimize services – rather than a separate utility, but some add-in. Choose one of the 4 profiles set of system services in accordance with the tasks assigned to your computer. For example, if the PC is used mainly for games, you should select “Game Mode”.

Other Tools include File Recovery, Registry Maintenance, Disk Wiper and File Shredder.

Rescue Center: Just in case, you feel like the new changes made are not upto the mark. Rescue center gives the ability to roll back the changes made ??by Auslogics BoostSpeed tools.

Accelerating the Internet Connection

BoostSpeed 5 Review

optimize Internet connection settings for network equipment installed in the system for maximum connection speed. Available in automatic and manual modes of optimization. Manual optimization, though well documented, but is only recommended for experienced users.

Conclusion: AusLogics BoostSpeed ??5 has left a very positive impression on me not only for its functionality, but also for a comfortable and intuitive interface. Most utilities, their functionality and the ability to fine-tune will appeal to most users. Recommended!

Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 License Key Giveaway

Auslogics provided us with 2 valid License Keys to giveaway on blog. To win, You simply have to Like this article on facebook. Comment with your Facebook Profile URL and winners will be randomly selected and declared on 15th June 2011.

Download Latest Auslogic BoostSpeed 5 from official website.

Update: Winners of BoostSpeed 5 License Keys are Snehal Solanki and Jeet Dholakia who have already received the License Keys via Email or Facebook Message.

Snehal kumar - May 31, 2011

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    Hi Snehal, Thanks for notifying me about it. Added the download link at the bottom of post.

malkhaz - May 31, 2011

Thank you for this great giveaway. Outstanding program!

Soham - May 31, 2011


Looks to me a promising tool for a common person who doesn’t know much about system tweaks.
Would like to have this software to try how it works.

Keep-up the good job of posting such softwares & tips on the site which is useful for persons like us.


Mayur - June 1, 2011

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Snehal kumar - June 1, 2011

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asbleu - June 1, 2011

salut rohit, j ai auslogic boostspeed, je l utilise depuis plus de 4 ans, mais la version 4 ne semble pas reussir comme la version 4… ! alors j ai déjà tester cette version en promotion de 2010, c est catastophique, j ai reformater juste après mon pc ! oui vous puvez dire qu il supers ce logiciel …etc, mais apès faut voir les résultats, en fait ça donne rien !

Jar - June 2, 2011

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vince - June 7, 2011

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Auslogic BoostSpeed is very good. My favourite. I hope this is the full version, not the special edition. I am now using Auslogic BoostSpeed SE from the recent giveways and found a lot of limitation. Hope to get the full version.

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