Get Automatic Email Notification for Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail in Firefox

For people who work online most of the time for them reading Email is a basic part of their work. If you are working on a slow internet connection it may not be convenient for you to check emails by opening the email service provider every time like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and finding you that you have no new mails there. The best way to solve this problem is using an email notifier applications that automatically checks your email accounts and notifies you about new unread mails waiting in your mail box from your desktop.

If you are a Firefox user then this task can be performed even in a simpler manner with 3 add-ons that keeps you informed about new mails automatically. These 3 add-ons deals with Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail separately and almost have the same working method and have common configuration settings. These are discussed below.

Gmail Notifier

Gmail Watcher keeps track of all your newly arrived unread Emails in your Gmail account. There is no need to sign in separately with it using your username and password as it can automatically take details from logged in session from Firefox. If you are logging in to another gmail account then this add-on will automatically show notifications for that account.

Yahoo Mail Notifier

Yahoo! Mail Watcher keeps you notified about new unread email notifications in your yahoo mail account. It works similar to the Gmail watcher and provides notifications about current or last logged in Yahoo account.

Hotmail Watcher Notifier

Hotmail Watcher keeps you updated about newly arrived mails in your Hotmail account. It checks and gives notifications for the Hotmail account currently logged in.

Setting Up Add-ons

As mentioned earlier that all these add-ons have similar configuration. Once the add-on are installed they appear as icons at the lower right bottom corner of Firefox. You can right click on any of the icons to bring up the settings menu. Settings are easy to understand and configure.

You can enable/disable options by checking on them like the Sound alert, Display alert, Blink alert and also select the time period for the auto check. If you do not want to auto check you can disable this feature. Clicking on the icons redirects you to the respective mail account. Advance Options enables you to change mail checking frequency, setting up notification sounds or putting custom sounds to it. It also allows you to choose the notification type on count mails only in inbox or alert when unread mails increase.

Well these add-ons works separately but can be installed all together. I will recommend it to users who work on personal computers and not public or shared ones. These are just notifiers and do not store any of your personal information. Using them are easy as they are of small size and work perfectly without any troubles.

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fisnik - July 13, 2010

I like Webmail Notifer, i dont need to install so many extensions in firefox

Adam - July 29, 2010

Very interesting .. thanks you


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