Automatically Backup Files & Folders to USB Drives and Vise-versa

If you are storing lot of important data on your system then loosing this data is a big set back. To prevent this we have to backup these files regularly. But there are times when we forget to perform these tasks and as a result we may have to suffer great loss.

If you constantly keep forget to backup your data, Drive back up is a small utility that can be of great help. Similar app we covered was to copy USB drive silently.

Drive Backup is a freeware windows application that can automate backup tasks once configured. Using this application is very easy. First thing that you have to do is to setup the usb drive you want to use as backup drive.

You can also use this application to backup usb drives to your hard disk. This task can be switched from the 2 modes present in the application.

Once the above things are set, you can select files and folders to backup. Files and folders added to the backup drive are processed instantly at background.

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