Keep Watch & Automatically Move or Copy Multiple File Types to Other Folder

In long term computer usage it is noticeable that we use some common folders to put files for easy access. These files may be of different file types i.e images, music files, videos, documents etc. For instance while writing posts or making presentations I take a lot of screen shots which I save on desktop for easy access. But gradually these pile up and make my desktop all messy till they are all deleted or moved manually. But if you want to automate this process InWatch is a good option.

InWatch is freeware application that can work under Windows and Mac operating system. It is easy to use with basic configurations that you have to provide. It works with concept of creating watches i.e each watch will have separate sources to monitor for specified files and destinations for moving or copying them. You can add as many watches as per your requirement.

To make this application work you have to add a source to monitor, it can be any folder, desktop or any place you wish. Then you have to add a watch, it consists of file extensions you want to monitor. You can manually enter these extensions or choose from presets. Once the source and file types are selected you have to add a destination folder where these files will be moved. You can also select either to move the files or copy them to the destination.

Once all the options are set InWatch will start monitoring the source and as soon as it finds new files of specified extensions they will be moved to specified destinations. It also shows notifications related to the task performed. If you want to pause this service temporarily, it can be done from system tray by right clicking on the application icon.

Download InWatch (6.43MB)

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