Avast! Antivirus 6 adds Auto Sandbox and WebRep, Review and Download

If you are already using Avast! 5 stable version then you’ll surely love what Avast! 6 Antivirus has inside for you. The first Public beta of Avast 6 is released and extends the program even further with a host of useful capabilities.

Even with many features that are yet to be implemented, this version serves as a preview of good things to come with the final version of the application.

Antivirus can be downloaded for free and license can be activated for a period of 1 year.

Avast! 6 Antivirus Beta Download Review

Avast! 6 Installation and Registration

First of all you need to check the current version of antivirus you use. In case this is not Avast, you’ll have to uninstall completely. There is no point just turn it off, you have to remove it from the machine. So, Certificate of downloading the installer and any license numbers associated with it will be wiped off.

In case you already use Avast, installer will override Beta version 5 to Beta 6. Therefore, it is also advisable to uninstall do not waste licensing and program functionality. Since the Beta version 6 may eventually present some problems that will surely be solved before the release of the final version.

After downloading the application, double click on the software to start the installation. The process is simple, but it takes a bit, as well as set up new files, it also makes an initial analysis of the hard disk. So be patient. The entire process can take up to 30 minutes.

On the main screen, click on Free Registration and fill out details in form to activate it for 1 year in free version.

Avast 6! Antivirus Features

Avast interface underwent through few modifications, so if you are already a user of the tool will easily identify. Passing first select there is an option to register and add your data. The period to be effective for one year.

The amount of protection was extended compared to the previous version. You can check the current status of protection as well as statistical analysis in the guide “Summary.” In this guide, there is a smart option disables any analysis while you are running a game.

Under Summary, there is Statistics option which gives you complete analysis of attacks.

Avast! 6 Antivirus Beta Download Review

In “Real time Shield” you can check on an individual protections running. Emails, websites, folders, network and P2P mechanisms are some of the options. The tools are arranged in an organized and clear to the user.

Avast! 6 Additional Protection

Among the novelties introduced in this beta one of the most interesting is the “Auto Sand Box.” This is a module where you can try a free program that needs to be installed, a kind of virtual drive outside your computer where suspicious program can be detected as its launched, and execute it in the avast! sandbox, an isolated environment where there’s little chance that it can infect or damage your PC.

Avast! 6 Antivirus Beta Download Review

The “WebRep” is another new feature quite useful, especially for users of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. With this enabled, you can check the reputation of every page you visit, as well as conferring the status on the search pages. Technically, it looks like a browser plugin. According to manufacturers, Google Chrome plugin will be included in a future update.

Blogsolute Verdict

Already a user of Avast, no doubt you will like to know the new products presented in this Beta. The application has minor changes in appearance, however, still maintains the same intuitive interface it had in the previous version.

The organization of the tools is another point that weighs in favor of the tool. Addition, enhanced features like “Auto Sand Box” or “Webrep” became the application a snap even safer, going beyond diagnose problems. Thanks to these features, you can avoid a virus even before you click on a link potentially dangerous.

For those who are not familiar with the software, remember that your installation requires the removal of the current anti-virus, a process that can be messy, and there are still incompatibility issues with Google Chrome browser.

However, this is not final version but Avast 6 Beta is efficient, with a mild and effective enforcement in combating the scourges of Internet. Without doubt, a good choice for anyone looking for free antivirus.

Download Avast! Antivirus 6 Beta Free ( 53 MB )

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Anish KS - February 3, 2011

One of the very best Anti Virus. even its free, providing greater performance.

shyam jos - February 3, 2011

perfect antivirus for home users, using it now for more than 2 years

deva - February 7, 2011

Avast antivirus is perfect antivirus

pranay - February 8, 2011

im lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Caldwell - February 9, 2011

Well it seems to be a good promise Why they wouldn’t have started with the SRWare Iron & Chrome plugin makes me a little weary.

wothan - February 12, 2011

Hi from Switzerland,
Wanted to tank you for the very interesting content of ‘Blogsolute’, you always present good and well shortly explained subjects. Happy to hear about your website a few weeks ago and now addicted.
Best regards

    Rohit Langde - February 12, 2011

    Thanks for commenting by and letting me know that you like our content 🙂


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