Avoid Computer Restart after Automatic Windows Updates

If you have automatic updates enabled in Windows but hate that after certain updates you are asked to reboot your computer with annoying messages that appear from time to time asking you to restart, which often makes us lose time on all working on computers.

There are some methods to prevent this reboot, a few things like editing the Windows registry or modifying some policies of the system, but there is an application that makes it much easier and simple, is called Leave Me Alone!

Leave me alone

The advantages of Leave Me alone are:

  • You can keep working, since they do not waste time restarting
  • No permanently disable updates
  • No need to memorize commands.
  • You do not have to go changing the system services
  • No need to change policies in the system

Compatible with Windows Xp, Vista and Windows 7.

Download Leave Me Alone!

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