Awesome Screenshot: Excellent Screen Capture Extension for Google Chrome

If you are looking for a free online tool to capture screenshots of web pages within Google Chrome, check out Awesome Screenshot. It is a nifty extension available for Google Chrome. This versatile tool is very handy for web designers, bloggers and anyone who want to provide feedback on web pages.

Follow these simple steps to get started.

Visit Google Chrome Extensions gallery and install Awesome Screenshot. It is pretty simple.

Download and Install Awesome Screenshot Extension

After installation, a new icon will appear on the toolbar. Click the icon either to capture visible part of the page only or to capture the entire page.

Two Different Capture Profile of Awesome ScreenshotWithin few seconds the captured screenshot will appear in a new tab.

A Screenshot Taken by Awesome Screenshot

There will be a new toolbar at the top of your capture. You can scroll through the capture. You can annotate the capture with text, rectangles, ovals, arrows and lines of different colors. It will help you to focus any specified portion you want.

New Toolbox Available for Annotation

You can crop any portion of the capture easily with the help of toolbox. Just drag and select the area you want to crop.

Crop the Required Portion of the Web Page

Once you click the “Crop” button, you will be provided a toolbox to annotate the cropped portion as before.

Cropped Portion with the Toolbox for Further Annotation

There is one more useful tool, “Blur”. You can blur any area that you don’t want to share. It may be your personal email-id or something private like that.

Blur the Portion You Don't Want to Share

Once you complete annotation, click “Done”. Now, right click the image to save it into your hard disk. There is a button at the left-top corner to re-edit the screenshot.

Save The Screenshot in to Your Hard Disk

Hit the “Upload” button to share the screenshot online. Your screenshot will be uploaded to an online storage service and a link will be provided.

Upload the Screenshot to Get a Shareable Link

Now, you can share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail with a single click.

Share The Screenshot on Various Social Network


Awesome Screenshot is one of the best ways to take quick and informative screenshots from the web with Google Chrome. The only problem is that it can not take screenshots of flash content.

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