Backup Saved Game files before System format and Restore them later

Many among us love to play PC games and have at least five or more games installed together on their systems.  All these games have their own saved game files so that you can carry on the story from where you left. Now the problem arises when we have to format our system or it crashes by itself. Either we have to copy the save game files manually or loose them completely. For times like this Game save manager can be used for rescue.

Game save manager is a freeware easy to use application that can take automatic backup of saved game files on your system. It comes with one main window that provides several options to backup or restore them.

The home window consists of two options by which you can take backup or restore saved game data on your system. These data can be viewed in the next section like the backup and restore data separately. This application also provides an option to schedule scanning task i.e it automatically keeps scanning the system for changes or updates in save game files and hence reduces your time after these.

If the save game is not detected automatically you can also add it once from custom save game entries. You can also share the backup files with your friends.

Download Game Save Manager (5.7MB)

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