10 Best Application Software for GrooveShark to make Most out of it

If you are someone who uses Grooveshark , will agree with us that it is a great platform but with some limitations. “You have to always keep web browser open,” “is not very social” or “I can not share lists with other platforms “are just some examples of complaints from users.

If you think same, then here I share some of the best applications for Grooveshark that will alleviate the features of Grooveshark and enhance your experience by bring some new possibilities.

1. Grooveshark Downloader Linux Mac Windows

We have already covered many apps to download MP3 songs from GrooveShark. With Groovedown! you can do it smoothly. Perform a search by group or song and Groovedown! Will show all results. You can download up to 60 songs at once from the entire library of Grooveshark. Also, now it supports Popular Track List.

Download Groovedown! 0.66


2. Grooveshark Download Firefox Add on Plugin

We use Browser to play songs from Grooveshark so why not download music in Mp3 format from Grooveshark. Groove Shredder is a Firefox extension to download songs from Grooveshark. Its main feature is that, once installed, will give you the option to save the song you are listening at that time.

Download Grooveshredder


3. Remote Control Grooveshark Playback with Smartphone

This interesting extension for Google Chrome, still in beta testing, turns your smartphone into a remote control that lets you control playback of Grooveshark. Just need to link your mobile device and you’re ready GrooveBud play your lying in bed or couch without getting up.

Download Groovebud


4. Import / Add Spotify and Last.Fm Playlist to GrooveShark

If you are grieving for lost playlists after changing Spotify for Grooveshark, you can stop it. Groovylists is an online service that helps you import your playlists in Spotify , Last.fm and iTunes to Grooveshark in two easy steps. The import is not perfect, but almost it is.

Visit GroovyLists.com


5. Grooveshark Media Player for Windows

Grooveshark is characterized by the need to be run from the browser. Or at least characterized, because now you can run it directly with Grooveshark Media Player Portable on your desktop. In addition, Grooveshark Portable conveniently minimizes the system tray and includes a reproduction menu minimized.

Download Grooveshark Portable

6. Connect Grooveshark with Last.Fm and We Are Hunted

This lightweight, free application connects Grooveshark music with other platforms such as Last.fm or We are hunted, and that little point adding social network that is lacking in itself Grooveshark. Rumpus access to your record songs and send it to Last.fm so you have a complete statistics and more accurate music recommendations.

Download Rumpus

7. Grooveshark Lyrics Plugin

If you have no idea what that artist said inĀ  the songs you hear on Grooveshark, consider installing this extension for Google Chrome which is connected to LyricWiki screen and shows you the lyrics of the song you’re listening.

Download Grooveshark Lyrics


8. Grooveshark keyboard Shortcuts

Keysharky extension adds to Google Chrome, a functionality that Grooveshark lacks: keyboard shortcuts. You don’t have to open Grooveshark tab to switch songs or volume again. This is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Prism and Safari Web Browser.

Download KeySharky


9. Add Grooveshark Control Buttons on Web Browser

If you are not very fond of keyboard shortcuts you can opt for the Chrome extension adds three simple buttons (Previous, Next and Play / Pause) to the bar of the browser, so you can control Grooveshark Menu from any tab.

Download GrooveShark Menu for Chrome


10. Remove Grooveshark Ads Banner

Some of you may find Ad Banner on Grooveshark Web Platform annoying. So, installing GrooveShark Premium on Web browser and ads will disappear.

Download Grooveshark Premium and Remove Grooveshark ads from Firefox and Google Chrome browser.

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Sahil Kotak - September 17, 2011

Well, this is surely what I was looking for recently. I love Grooveshark but I wanted to make it play in my browser like one App I have. Now, I will be able. Thanks a lot!


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