Best Chrome Extensions for Social Networking

Google Chrome 4, personally I have become its fast browsing and extension support. With more speed, there are some more productivity extensions for Social Network. It’s now possible to stay updated with social networking accounts real time without actually visiting the network website.

One thing I liked about extensions in Chrome in compare with Firefox is that you don’t have to restart Chrome after installing extension and its ready to use. We have already covered 10 Most Popular Google Chrome Extensions for general browsing and here’s a list of Best Chrome extensions for Social Networking.

Chrome Bird

This is a twitter client which will give us the notifications of updates to our favorite microblogging network. Has support for lists, direct messages, favorites, and works like a charm. To me that’s one reason why every time I use Firefox more Chrome and less. It’s not perfect, but is the best extension for Twitter in this browser. Perfectly integrated with the browser from you can read and compose updates.

best chrome extensions

Download: Chrome Bird

Facebook Fixer

Its a supplement your Facebook browsing experience. This extension will add more functionality while entering Facebook from Chrome. Following are the enhancements provided by this addon:
– hide different Facebook options
– bigger profile pictures and photos
– easier viewing of albums
– links to download videos
– showing people’s age and sign
– google calendar integration
– keyboard shortcuts & more.

What I liked most about this extension is zooming of Photos on hovering mouse on thumbnail.

best chrome extensions

Download: Facebook Fixer

Simply MySpace

A very simple extension that will allow us MySpace update from the browser easily. It will open a small popup window where you can identify and handle notifications as if included in a tab in the browser. Very interesting for all those who make heavy use of MySpace, so updates will notice instantly.

best chrome extensions

Download: Simply Myspace

Orkut Chrome Extension

The orkut chrome extension allows you to receive orkut updates and scrap notifications. The popup menu allows you to quickly jump to a friends’ page, search on orkut, visit your home/scrap/photos pages and share sites on orkut.

best chrome extensions

Download: Orkut Chrome Extension

Chrome Buzz

Check number of unread messages on Buzz right from Chrome Browser. Click on the name to browse Google profiles. As Buzz is new, this extension need much more features like adding and editing new buzz message.

best chrome extensions

Download: Chrome Buzz

Google Wave Notifier

I know, you  may not be so enthusiastic about using Google wave (as before getting invites) but still you cannot avoid this name when its come to social network. This extension will allow us to see Wave directly in the browser, without having to open a new tab.

best chrome extensions

Download: Google Wave notifier

Well, the list is unending with numerous social networking sites like Linkedin, Plurk,etc but I tried to cover most used ones. Another interesting questions is the wide variety of extensions for Facebook. Well as notifications of updates and applications that will add some functionality to our social network that will add elegancy. A Twitter addon also lacks some features, but these are more oriented as to enable us to manage directly from your browser. Such extensions end up deciding the use of a browser or another. Many chose Firefox for the flexibility it offered, now have to choose, “Firefox or Chrome, with which you stay?

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Suhasini - February 17, 2010

Nice list here. We recently published Chrome extensions for Chrome browser but you have integrated all social sites.I would say a great job.

Frank - March 11, 2010

For Facebook, the best (and one of the only working) extensions is called Facebook Dashboard. Search for and try it, or download it here:

Saves a ton of time.

shailendra - May 28, 2010

Here is my list of best free extensions

hope you guys like it!!!


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