6 Best Digital Comic Book Readers Software

The comics have made the leap to Internet. It’s nothing new, but are increasingly popular and are more present in our computers. Thanks to the selfless efforts of hundreds of fans of comic books, we can enjoy books ever known or come to our country.

But how do you read? Some come in formats such as CBR or CBZ exotic. The solution, digital comics readers. We show you a list of the top six.


Comic Book Reader

While calling itself a reader, Comics Book Reader is also an organizer of comics,very useful if your collection occupies several megabytes and can not remember the total number of copies in your possession.

It is very well designed, with multiple views, full-screen reading and magnifying glass for a closer look of the drawings, however small details.

Download Comic Book Reader


CDisplayEx is an enhanced version of CDisplay. Among other things, to read the comics in full screen, supports CBR and CBZ formats popular and has different views, such as double pages.

CDisplayEX Another advantage is that you can turn pages and correct the color and sharpness of images. To read comics will be very useful, but not to organize them.

Download CDisplayEX

[alert-note] Windows 8 Comics Reader Metro App [/alert-note]


It’s name already indicates that MangaMeeya is focused on Japanese comics,manga. You can read your comics page to page, see two pages at once or take the whole screen for reading. It also has a magnifying glass and filters to correct the images, crop or rotate them.

You can also prefer DomDomSoft to read favorite Anime Manga.

Download MangaMeeya


YACReader finds a host of comics, brings order to your collection of specimens, and a reader to view full screen.

Striking feature of YACReader is Cover Flow, which displays thumbnails of the pages to go from one to another quickly while reading a comic concrete.

Download YACReader


This cute monkey offers a digital comics reader in full screen, supports ZIP, TAR, RAR, CBR and CBZ. With MComix you can correct images, delete pages remaining, and also has a way slide to turn pages for you after several seconds.

Download MComix



And finally, HoneyView, a reader of comics and comic support images compressed CBZ / CBR. Like its predecessors, is full-screen reading and automatic submission to avoid having to change pages: HoneyView do it for you.

Another highlight of HoneyView are the keyboard shortcuts to move faster.

Download HoneyView

What comic book reader use? Do you prefer digital comics?

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prithviraj - December 23, 2011

Nice, I never even knew they exist. thanks

Tushar Agarwal - December 27, 2011

Cool, where can i find some quality digital comic books?

    kaniro - December 12, 2012

    On http://www.comix-load.in

      Rico - January 10, 2013

      quality in the eye of the beholder.

      HUGE selection http://digitalcomicmuseum.com

        Meh - December 18, 2013

        there was no mention of having to login to get the comics, but still pretty cool.

      meh - December 18, 2013

      Thanks Kaniro, slight wait before downloading or can buy premium services.

      Allows 1 download every 180 minutes.

Elia - January 8, 2012

I read comics with YACReader and it’s a very good software. Very easy to install, fast, and i like it’s comic’s library.

7godeohs - January 18, 2012

I have been using Honeyview for quite a while now (years) and it’s great. I tried most of the other readers listed at the same time and Honeyview beat the rest out. Just personal preference of course.

AtomicPapa - September 27, 2012

I can’t believe there’s not a mention of ComicRack in this list. I’ve tried out a number of the readers listed above and they just don’t even come close in features to ComicRack. It is a full featured comic management system; plugin and script capable. It also has an Android version with which it syncs when connected via USB (Wi-Fi too if you purchase the full Android version, but if you don’t mind plugging in, the free version is awesome as well. The Windows version is donation supported and fully featured regardless.). The website also features a forum with members who are extremely friendly and helpful. This one needs to be at the top of the list! (No, I am not affiliated with ComicRack. I am just a user. You can find me on their forum with the same nickname as above.)

Rico - January 10, 2013

Thanks Rohit, found exactly what i was looking for with YACReader


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