5 Best Extensions for Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is no doubt, one of the most prominent application of the suite Windows Live Essentials. This is an excellent desktop blogging editor that offers full integration, not only with Spaces, but also with Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type, LiveJournal, and many other CMS / services-for-blogging. And another notable advantage of this editor is its support for extensions.

Unfortunately, many of the extensions provided for in Writer official gallery add-ons are impractical or simply not working well. That’s why we wanted to do a best compilation of the best add-ons for Windows Live Writer, thus rescuing these little gems that will save us a few clicks to perform certain tasks, and we bring things easier as bloggers. So let’s move on with the list.

Flickr Upload

Flickr LogoThere are extensions extensions for WL Writer and MS Word that allowed us to add photos to the document / post directly from Flickr, so quick and easy. Well Flickr Upload also points in that direction, only that it saves us a step further. It allows us to upload photos to Flickr and insert them immediately in the post, With the links to the image on Flickr, all without leaving Windows Live Writer.

Download Flickr Upload Extension

Wikipedia Link

WikipediaPersonally, this is the extension that I consider most useful. It’s very simple, yet very practical: just selecting a word / phrase and click the button “Wikipedia Link, the word becomes a link to a Wikipedia article that has same title. This saves us the trouble of going to the browser, look for the article, and copy the link. That yes, make sure to choose the language that will be articles (once done) and there is an article by that name, obviously.

Download Wikipedia Extension

Picasa Image Plugin

PicasaDefault Writer offers integration with WL Photos, enabling us to easily add images and galleries hosted on this service. But what happens if you use another service to store images online? For now we have Flickr Upload for Flickr, and for there is also a corresponding Picasa plugin. We simply enter our password and user name so we can explore all the photos you’ve uploaded to the Google service. We are allowed to insert images, add a slideshow, or even an entire album.

Best of all is that this same extension gives us the option of upload photos to Picasa and insert them immediately in the post (like Flickr Upload).

Download Picasa Image Extension

Code Snippet

QR codeTo all those bloggers who are engaged in programming or web design and write insurance on these topics will love Code Snippet, A fabulous extension facilitates us to insert snippets of code in different languages, And apply formatting options so that readers find it easier to read this code. We can place the code inside a container, make the lines are numbered, and so on.

Download Code Snippet Extension

MP3 Player

mp3 playerFinally, another add-on simple. Although in this case is to compensate for a lack of Windows Live Writer on online publishers such as Blogger and WordPress.com. This extension allows us to insert a flash MP3 player with only indicate the URL original MP3 file. You can adjust the size of the player, and even replaced with another with only indicate the location of alternative flash player.

Download MP3 Player Extension

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