Best Formula 1 Android Apps To Follow F1 Live Timings Reviewed

F1 Race Timings Android apps

The scent of carbon fiber, fuel and tires to over 100 degrees, hordes of fans, noise levels above the threshold of pain. The 2012 season of Formula 1 has already started on the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne, Australia, and I’ve been testing several Android Apps to follow Formula 1 / F1 Races.

This year, the official application isn’t free; Last year’s app was disaster at technical level with bugs but at least it was free. Scene is different in Formula 1 2012 Official Android app where you have to pay 30.80 US Dollars. So, Are there any Free alternatives?

Livesports24 F1

Livesports24 F1 offers Formula 1 Live 2012, a complete application for fans designed for the pinnacle of motorsport. It contains a wealth of information on teams, drivers and circuits, news, background and chronicles each run, rankings. As well as much historical information from the source of this competition.

Formula1 F1 livestream app

In Addition, you have Live Commentary and detailed position of cars in the side view.

Download Livesports24

F1 Live Stream

Another free alternative to keep track of F1 updates nearly real time including updates of driver track positions and commentary from Formula1 race, qualifying and practice sessions.

Livesports24 F1 app

Not completely real time but still, considerable option as offered for free.

Download F1 Live Stream

F1 2012 Timing App – Premium

It’s good but not perfect. Two Notable things about this official F1 2012 app is Price (30.80$ ) in which you can buy nearly 10 Premium Apps from Android Play Store. And second thing is its Visual Appearance – 3D view of the race circuit.

f1 2012 realtime app

On this view, we can rotate and tilt, shows the real time position of all pilots. This is very helpful in deciphering the strategies, see if a driver will be able to pass another pit, look at the distances, which takes to reach areas of DRS. It also allows highlight one of the cars and the light will stay on the circuit.

Also, the information displayed real time is very informal and casual so, you’ll like it.

Lap times, sector, distance to the pilot in front, number of stops, track status, real-time feedback, news, historical information, circuits, teams and riders, drivers and teams classification, everything in one app.

Well, you can play pre-recorded times and events of any race or qualifying of the season.

But, considering the money spent on the app, it is buggy. If you change the menu to news, information or configuration, then you can not return to the main circuit. It Lacks Zoom in / Zoom out Option; so even if view is good, it goes out of screen.

If you are a freak and want to have real timings on Android device then, this is the only application but I still think its pricy affair.

Download F1 2012 Timing App

Apart from these apps, what you can do is Go to F1 Calendar and select the events you want to add (Grand Prix, qualifying and free practice on Friday and Saturday). It will generate a schedule as you can import into Google Calendar and have handy on your Android.

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