Which is Best Torrent Client for Android – 5 Top Rated Apps Reviewed

Best Torret Client for Android

As we moved on to Smartphones for what personal computer does then why not torrent too?  On Android platform there are many Torrent apps available in Google Play. Many of them are just remote to the desktop client and many are fake ones only few are actually downloading apps so we selected top rated ones to help you choose best android torrent client.

1. aDownloader

aDownloader is an app for Android from libtorrent which is smart and handy. aDownloader comes with a simplistic user interface to give you faster browsing and downloading. This app comes with clear and sorted tabs like Open, Downloaded, Downloading, Search, RSS Subscriptions, Settings and Switch off app.


With aDownloader we can simply add torrents stored on SD Card or phone to get them in download queue. aDownloader gives the option to choose various search engines to search for torrents ranging from Demonoid, The Pirate Bay, EzRss, KickAssTorrents, ExtraTorrent, isoHunt and many more.


Under Advance Torrent Settings we can set Download Limit, Upload limit, Max Seeding, Torrent DHT to increase downloading speed and many more features to help set your preferences to download faster and efficiently.

Hit- Simple UI, Better Tabbed options, Enough options to set preferences for Download and its speed, Built in Search option for varying sites, System Tray to show Download progress, Switch off button, automatic port and necessary downloading settings, Set Save Directory, Keep Screen on to get max speed

Miss- max active Download setting, Network Setting- WI-Fi only/any available, Download limit, Power options, etc.

Download aDownloader


2. tTorrent Lite

tTorrent is yet another beautiful Torrent app for Android. tTorrent comes with neat and a sharper user interface with three tabs namely ‘All’, ‘Dwnlding’ and ‘Completed’. Beside these tabs Search, Open from memory and RSS Subscription tabs placed on top.


Other options and settings are accessible through phone button. tTorrent gives the option to set save directory, Max active Downloads, max active Seeds, Network selection to choose WI-Fi only or any available option for downloading.


Also tTorrent gives Power options which are helpful to conserve battery and prevent battery draining with options like Download only when charger is connected, Stop after a certain level of battery.

Hit- Sharper User Interface, Minimalistic Tabs, Power options, Download speed and Seed preferences, System Tray to show Download progress, Switch off button, automatic port and necessary downloading settings, Set Save Directory, Keep Screen on to get max speed

Miss- Search client need to install separately, Upload limit, etc.

Download tTorrent Lite


3. Red Torrent Lite

Red Torrent with its two options Add and Search has only been yet another torrent app present in Google Play. Red Torrent gives basic features like add torrent, search torrent and full one window to display what you are downloading, queued, and so on.


Lite version allows only one download at a time. This app gives options like Download only while Wi-Fi and when charger is connected. One unique feature about Red is it gives the option to set maximum pieces to download from torrent.


Hit- Max Active torrents, Max Connection/Torrent, Max Active Pieces/Torrents, Set Save Directory, Download Only when Wi-Fi, Download only when the charger plugged in, etc.

Miss- Better UI, Sorted Download and queued view, only one downloads in Lite version, Only ISO hunt and The Pirate Bay in Search option, etc.

Download Red Torrent Lite

4. aTor

aTor is a torrent app for those who want a very simple user interface and not much glitch in choosing and setting different options and preferences.


aTor comes with very minimalistic options like search Torrents, Download and Browse Files. In settings also it comes with Set Save Directory, Set file Save Directory and Set search results number. aTor doesn’t give much beside these options.


Hit- Super Simplistic UI, Less options, etc.

Miss- Max Download and Upload Limit, Set Save Directory, Download Only when Wi-Fi, Download only when charger plugged in, etc.

Download aTor

5. Rutracker Downloader-

Rutracker Downloader is unique of all in forms of user interface with its colorful tabbed UI. Rutracker in its welcome window gives options as Download, Web Search, RSS Search, Pirate Search, Kinoafisha (Developer info) and Settings.


In Web Search Rutracker allows to search through the Rutracker site while in RSS search it allows to search for various well known Torrent sites.


In Setting tab this app gives options to Upload and Download limit, Service Directory etc. In Session Settings while all the Proxy setting options in Proxy Tab.

Hit- Download and Upload Limit, Set Save Directory, Search for various Torrent Sites, etc.

Miss- Better and Simplistic UI, Power options, System Tray, Switch off button, automatic port and necessary downloading settings, etc.

Download Rutracker Downloader

Final Verdict- tTorrents wins better Torrent app with its better options like Power, Download speed and Seed preferences and also with Sharper User Interface, Minimalistic Tabs.

See How I increased uTorrent Download Speed by 135% just by Changing Settings.

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