Best Free Weather Forecast App for Windows Phone

Having a Weather forecast app is always handy. Specially if you stay in location where weather keeps playing tricks with you and your day gets spoiled.  Here we will go through a list of Best Weather Forecast App for Windows Phone and the best one to serve our need.

1) WeatherBug

 free weather forecast app for windows phone

WeatherBug is a free and very popular weather forecast application for already prevailing platform like Android. It gives you a detailed information about the weather whereabouts. Upon installation you have to select the location you want to have weather update for. There is also an option to select your present Geo Location for weather Forecast.

WeatherBug Interface for WP7

weatherbug weather forecast settings

The interface is very simple and is meant strictly for the work to be performed, i.e. giving easy weather updates. Talking about detailed information, WeatherBug presents weather updates under different menus with forecast for 7 days.

weatherbug live tile forecast

It also provides us with real time map to show the satellite images for weather condition over our selected location. You can also keep updated with the Live Tile on your home screen. The updating rate can be set from within settings. To set Live Tile for Weather Bug Just pin the app to Home screen as there is no option from within the app.

[alert-warning] Live Tile is slow to update and has no alternate display. The color of the tile also does not match Theme color immediately after change [/alert-warning]

Weather Detailing

This is the uniqueness of WeatherBug app. It provides elaborated details on a single tab though there is a separate tab for the forecast. Apart from the predicted weather i.e. knowing the temperature and condition, you can tap on any day to see the written description. That’s extremely useful.

For additional details you can also check the camera tab. This tab shows you images taken at or near your location. This option might not work well with people in remote locations and the app ends up showing images of wrong location.

2) Vieather

free weather forecast apps for window phone

Vieather is one of the most beautiful weather forecast app for Windows Phone that I have tested. The main focus of this app is to use the windows phone Metro interface efficiently. Hence the point is clear, you will get a sleek interface. It uses WeatherBug readings to present its weather forecasts and updates. So all you get is the authentic readings with good looks.

What’s so good about Vieather interface?

free weather forecast apps for window phone

Vieather’s interface is simple but equally beautiful. Compared to WeatherBug app it has less tabs, though it can be a drawback for many people but it serves the purpose quite well. Additionally you have 7 day forecast with charts to have a better reading.

free weather forecast apps for window phone

You can add several locations and track the weather condition at all places simultaneously.  Weather Forecast will be shown for your current location whereas other location’s present conditions are shown in detail. The Live Tile set will show present days weather and alternately the forecast for 3 days.

[alert-warning] Looks decent with lack of detailed weather information[/alert-warning]

3) The Weather Channel

free weather forecast apps for window phone

The Weather Channel is a simple weather Forecast app. The unique feature of this app is that you can view forecast in various categories like hourly, 36 hour and 10 Days.

free weather forecast apps for window phone

The app interface is nothing special except that you get to apply weather background to the app. This background will change automatically with the present weather conditions. The upper row of the app displays thunder effect in certain conditions but also with advertisements. This at times looks awkward.

free weather forecast apps for window phone

The only and main problem of this app is the delay in response. It updates late and same goes for the Live Tile.

4) Storm Glass

free weather forecast apps for window phone

Looking for more customization? Here comes Storm Glass, the most customizable Weather Forecast app for Windows Phone. The unique feature of this app is that you can customize each part of display on the Live Tile.

With Storm Glass you can add up to 5 locations and even get them simultaneously on separate Live Tiles. The weather information is provided using Google Weather but it is not detailed. Live Tiles appear realistic and is better than the ones provided by any other app. You just get to see the current weather conditions and Forecast for 3 days.

Storm Glass Interface

free weather forecast apps for window phone

The settings panel can be accessed by taping on to the Location Tiles which by default have some locations set. You have to tap on the tile you want to set your location. Upon taping the tile, the general settings will be opened at first, set the name of the tile and the unit to be displayed. Location can be set on the next tab.

free weather forecast apps for window phone

The final tab i.e. Appearance allows you to customize your Live Tiles. Live Tile customization for weather Forecast can be done in two ways i.e. changing the Tile Layout or by customizing the styles of images being used. You can select among 5 Layouts and 3 Image styles to suite your need.

With the Quick refresh feature of Storm Glass you can instantly update the Live Tiles just by a simple tap on them. This is rather an unique advantage of using Glass Storm.

[alert-success] Provides variety of customization on Live Tile. Quick Refresh is extremely useful [/alert-success]

5) AccuWeather

free weather forecast apps for window phone

Looking for an all-rounder application to have balance of functionality and beauty? Well this is it. AccuWeather is exactly as detailed as WeatherBug and also consists Hourly updates like The Weather Channel. Regarding looks, it’s absolutely beautiful.

free weather forecast apps for window phone

AccuWeather does not Provide Live Tile customization like Storm Glass but still excels with live Weather animation within the app. You can see this animation on top section of the app. Weather forecasts can be viewed in details just by sliding the tab to preferred choice and selecting it.

[alert-success] Well detailed, similar to WeatherBug but with better interface. Displays additional information like Lifestyle and video collection of location [/alert-success]

With AccuWeather you can also view weather map, lifestyle of the place and also all videos related to the Geolocation. You can add up to 7 locations to track weather conditions.

free weather forecast apps for window phone

Though the App delivers supreme services, the Live Tile is not up to the mark. It is simple with current weather background.

6) Weather View

Weather view is a simple but powerful Weather Forecast app for Windows Phone. All it does is presenting 10 days weather forecast in a sleek app interface. You can add up to 5 cities of your choice and later view them all together in group view.

free weather forecast apps for window phone

It also predicts hourly weather with written description of how it’s going to be. You can apply several predefined backgrounds to the application but it does not affect the Live Tile.

free weather forecast apps for window phone

The Live Tile is Simple and mostly displays the wind speed and temperature with a current weather prediction image.

Which Weather Forecast app should I use?

If you are coming from Android and wish to get weather forecast apps and animations like Beautiful weather Widgets then in Windows Phone this will be a big set back as of now.  All the Weather apps in Windows phone are simple with a bit touch of customization. If you are just looking for a detailed weather Forecast app regardless of visual appearance, WeatherBug is best for the job.

AccuWeather is best to be used when you are in need of an app with good visual and performance balance. Regardless of all facts if you are just in mood to have a flashy Live tile, go for Storm Glass.

[alert-note] If you want to download the apps quickly, use the market app within the phone and search the app name. Windows Marketplace is not as good as Google Play with respect to instant downloading [/alert-note]
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