How Much ‘Social’ are Those Social News Readers on Smartphone

Much awaited Flipboard came to Android and everyone was abuzz about why there’s so much hype about it and started to download it. Flipboard is nothing but a Social News Reader app which earned a very good reco because of ease of use and graphic effect.

Social News readers are a great way to read news on the go with so much ease of use and share them to various social networking sites with friends. It all started since long when even on Java phones there were some apps like Snaptu.

And as now in Android and iPhone age, which offers great simplicity for apps to handle great graphics and controls. Now apps are coming with an innovative way to give end user some awesome look and feel, so as it all happened with Flipboard. Previous players like Pulse and Google Current were there in the field of Social Media Readers but Flipboard has some uniqueness in its handling and graphics.

We will take in depth view on Flipboard but before its arrival there were many such kinds of apps present in Google Play with good ratings like Pulse, Google Current, etc. We’ll review them all and compare them to give you better opt to choose from.

1. Flipboard

What makes Flipboard to come with cyclone and try to conquer the previously mastered players is its options to choose from numerous magazines and news agencies with a unique flipping style. It’s totally fun and simplistic to use the “Flip” feature of this app.

Flipboard allows user to flip the page to go next page, change the news and so on. This graphic style is unique on its own and engages the user to go on flipping to explore more and more news and topics.  Sharing news on your Facebook and twitter is simple too.

Also external linked news open in the app itself there’s no need to open the browser for that. You can add magazines of your choice to read from a large list of magazines and news houses around the world!

[alert-success] 1. Awesome UI
2. Flip feature, huge number of Magazines and news houses
3. Simple connectivity to social networks. [/alert-success]

[alert-warning] 1. Not Compatible with low-end hardware phones which shares major market share
2. Doesn’t support share to many social network in one click
3. Heavy on Size, etc. [/alert-warning] [button-blue url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Download Flipboard [/button-blue] [clear]

2. Pulse

Pulse was the first Social Reader app which climbed the success ladder first and still one of the best in its class. Pulse gave the idea of Social News Reader theme and so on. After which it came long way.

Recent Pulse is super simplistic and easy to use. After you install, it simply gives a page view in which you can add numerous news houses. This page comes with predefined according to types and content which can be modified according to one’s taste.

Also you can create your own pages according to options and choice of your own options. This page view makes it more structured and neat as you can browse through your favorite topics with depth.

[alert-success] 1. Page view grouping
2. Simplified UI
3. Numerous options to choose from.
4. Simple connectivity to social networks.
5. Light on size.
6. Compatible with most of the handsets.
7. Share to many social network in one click, etc. [/alert-success] [button-blue url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Download Pulse [/button-blue] [clear]

3. Currents

Currents by Google is Google’s try in jumping into Social Reading app market and they performed quite well. Currents have its own way of of displaying news for its user.

Highlighting some on top with scrolling to the bottom. Current has some fresh look and feel on Snow White background and scroll horizontally through the news.

Other features reflect same as of Pulse and Flipboard. Somewhat you may feel it’s a mixture of FlipBoard and Pulse.

[alert-success]1. Different UI
2. Connect to Google account.[/alert-success] [alert-warning] 1. Not Compatible with low hardware phones which shares major market share.
2. Less variety of magazines and news houses.
3. Transitions are not that much smoother.
4. No share to many social network in one click, Complicated.
5. Heavy on Size, etc. [/alert-warning] [button-blue url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Download Current [/button-blue] [clear]

Final Verdict

We cannot declare one as a king as every app has its own uniqueness and one master feature that the other doesn’t have it. But still by taking a look on Light on weight, share to many in one click, smoother and faster “Pulse” leads the way as Grouping and mainly the availability on most of devices.

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Jaygohel - August 22, 2012

Very informative and nice article but I think you could have detailed more about every applications and too have added more applications like flip social and slice. There are many.


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