Best Truck Simulator Games For PC

I was always a fan of Giant vehicles, and enjoyed playing 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2. Maybe in real Life, I couldn’t hold Truck Steering in hand but here are those best Truck Simulator Games for PC which will offered that sensational experience.

Travel the roads on heavyweight and over-sized Trucks installed with high power yielding engines. Drive on Highways, Deliver Goods, Earn Money, Compete with other Truck Drivers and get a complete experience of a Truck Driver’s Life.

Euro Truck Simulator

euro truck simulator for PC

When it comes to games of trucks, Euro Truck Simulator is the undisputed king. Simulates the life of a truck driver: buy goods, walk through the streets of Europe (even at night!) From your satellite navigator, deliver them at destination and earn money.

The graphic reconstruction of roads and landscapes are noteworthy. There are plenty of trucks to choose from and with the mod you can get new models (Scania, Iveco, Mercedes Bens Actros, etc.) or customize your own vehicle.

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Scania Truck Driving Simulator

Scania Truck Driving Simulator For PC

Here’s the truck simulator dedicated to the glorious Scania, a brand popular with truck drivers from around the world. The game features five game modes: “Driving License”, “Competition drivers”, “Dangerous Lines”, “Free Driving” and “Test reaction time.” You’ll start with the basics, get to learn easy maneuvers until you get to more complicated ones, thus gaining your driving license.

When you have full mastery of the medium, then you can also play in competitions that require high skills in the control of the truck, such as running YETD (a competition sponsored by Scania). If you want to run around with trucks on roads and highways, do not worry, you can also choose the classic free guide .

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18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2

18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2

The simulator for hard-core trucker. 35 models of trucks, 70 types of cargo to be transported in the difficult roads of Bolivia, Australia, Canada and Bangladesh. Mountain trails, steep roads, bumpy, icy and much more.

So, forget the classic sliding and highways, 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2 is a game for truck driving in extreme conditions, ready to face danger around the corner and aware that every mistake driving can be fatal. Excellent ambiance graphics (but make sure you have a good PC to play!) And well calibrated the difficulty of the missions.

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Trucks and Trailers

Trucks and Trailers Simulator For PC

Original truck driving simulator, where you will not only deliver the goods transported within the prescribed time, but also complement the more than 50 (short) missions planned by the game.

After the introductory trailer that explains the dynamics of the game, the fun begins: measure your skills as a professional performing maneuvers, how to hook / unhook the trailer, make impossible parking, to fill the warehouse in a service station and more. Physics is great, the quotient is high and the challenge of the game, which requires some technical skill, it is recommended for the most clever virtual drivers.

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Truck Racing

Truck Racing Game for PC

You do not have to transport goods or perform missions trucker. Get on your monster, start the engine, on the runway and compete on the best circuits in the world driving a Renault Premium powerful, capable of speeding up to 160 km / h. You will have 15 opponents to race against.

The gameplay is compelling and control of the truck is great since the first few games. Play against the AI (Computer) or against other real drivers in online multiplayer game. Fun and Ideal for occasional or games for truckers who love pure speed.

It is playable with Keyboard, but if you have a steering wheel with force feedback, it is compatible with Truck Racing. A very good truck simulation racing, unfortunately a little short.

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Bharat - August 28, 2012

Nothing’s Free !! :-/

    Rohit Langde - August 28, 2012

    All of them Bharat, You can download all of them for free.
    Though each one has their own restriction in free version like Time limit, Levels, badges, etc but then you have to take it as offered.


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