Blogger Template Designer creates personalized Blogspot Templates

Blogger has introduced another interesting feature called “Template Designer“. The main difference between WordPress and blogger is that blogger has limited features and wordpress has lots of great features like Plugin Installation, Permalink Structure etc. But now blogger is also moving toward advance Content Management System(CMS). Some days back blogger added another feature called “Add Pages” and now “Template Designer”.

Those who have less knowledge about CSS and HTML can also create their own personalized template for blogspot blogs. The feature “Template Designer” is now on Blogger Draft and soon it will be placed on Main Blogger page.

How to Access Template Designer Feature

Login to Draft Blogger

Click on Layout and there you will see Template Designer feature.

blogger draft template designer

After clicking on “Template Designer” you will see another box, where you can Customize your Blog.

template desginer

There are Four Main features. Template, Background, Layout and Advance.

Template:- You can select different style of Templates provided by popular Template Designers, for example Simple, Picture window, Awesome Inc and WaterMark Templates.

Background: Change background color. Plenty of colors and customization are available to add in your blog.

Layout: This is one of the most useful feature I have seen in blogger. Now you can easily change the whole Layout of your blogspot blog. You can design Two Column, Three Column Template and customize your blog headers and footer. Move the position of all widgets to left, right top or down. This feature is great to give a completely different look to your blog.

Advance: Using this option you can change color for Page Text, Background, Blog Title, Tabs Text, Date Header, Post, and Links color. There is another feature under Advance option called CSS. You can add any CSS code in side the box to add new stuffs to your blogspot blog.

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