Bookmark Web Contents based on Tags and Read Them later

When we talk of internet we actually point to vast collection of data and information that is updated daily. There are many people who love surfing a lot to find out interesting and useful updates daily. The most popular method of doing this is subscribing to the websites feeds. But this does not work always.

Sometimes we come across sites that do not provide feed, an alternative is to bookmark the website in your browser. But what if you do not use a multiple pc’s to access internet and that too from public locations like cyber cafe. Exceptional case is Google Reader which allows to subscribe site without feed Firefox weave sync also will not help much in this situation. Well in these situations Wheatt can be helpful.

Wheatt is an useful website with help of which you can easily bookmark websites or any web content pages with tags. It is very simple to use. Just create an account and drag the bookmarklet provided there to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser. Wheatt will keep track of all bookmarks made from your account.

It not only provides easy bookmarking but also a powerful and efficient technique to search them. You can search your tags according to dates, domain etc. Advantage of using Wheatt is that you can access it from anywhere even from your GPRS enable mobile handset browser.


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