Bring Google Chrome appearance on Firefox Browser

There are many among us who must have worked on both firefox and Google Chrome. Well personally for me I have always preferred firefox due to its flexibility for plug-ins which makes my work easier but if asked look wise, I will always use Chrome as it has sober interface to work with. But what if we get looks of chrome on firefox itself? Yes this can be done with Chromifox Extreme.

Chromifox Extreme is a small add-on for firefox that changes its interface to that of chrome’s. Almost every thing becomes the same including tab styles, theme color, icon placements, navigation bar style etc.

Apart from getting the default looks of chrome you can also customize the appearance by adding or removing various options according to your needs. These options also includes closing firefox when its last tab is closed which can be helpful. Though there are no functional difference in firefox after installing this plug-in, you will really enjoy trying this out.

Download: Chromifox Extreme

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