How to Bring Start Menu Back to Windows 8

With Windows 8, Microsoft tried to change the way we used to interact with Windows. They have brought the new Start screen and completely removed Start menu. I am sure there are people like me who are irritated by this change and want to get back Start Menu in Windows 8.

Removal of Start menu button is the reason people are getting confused and tagging Windows 8 as terrible. Fortunately, there are several third party apps which can serve the purpose of bringing back start menu to Windows 8.


Vistart menu for Windows 8

It promises the exact appearance of Start menu as it was in Windows 7 or Vista. You will get the similar Start Orb and the way program list opens along with other buttons is exact match to Windows 7 Start Menu.

You won’t miss anything and feel like working on Windows 7 itself because Windows taskbar is now equipped with the start menu you wanted in Windows 8.

Developed by LeeSoft, the application is one click setup. On double clicking, you will be asked to configure, just click next and application automatically finds place to sit. Please don’t get confused with other application updates which comes along with it under the name of updater.

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Win8 StartButton

win8 startbutton

It is quite sophisticated software solution to get back start menu in windows 8. Not just you get back the start orb in taskbar with classic menu but also the customization options offered are plenty. With Windows 7 or Vista like menu, it is also possible to get back classic or XP styled menu.Geeky users will like it owing to the advanced settings offered by the program. There is something you should take care of while installing it. This program forcibly cleverly tries to install unnecessary things on your system.




win8 startbutton settings

So, while installing go to custom mode and unselect Torch browser and Windows Media Classic codecs.

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power8 start menu for Windows 8

Though this doesn’t exactly looks like Windows 7 start menu on Windows 8 but your motive is fulfilled. All the necessary options along with Power options is provided by Power8 menu. Also, the handy Search button is effective and fast in finding files and programs.

One thing which may irritate you while using Start button is the appearance of default Start screen thumbnail to switch to metro screen while moving cursor to bottom left. This can be solved using Power8. Power8 lets you disable or block Metro from Settings. Right click on Start button to access settings and you will have access to various configuration.

power8 menu settings

Overall, Power8 is an effective way to bring back old Start menu in Windows 8.

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This was all about how you can skip the Metro tiles and get back start menu. The way you have imitated Windows 7 start menu on Win 8, it is possible vice-versa. I mean you can get the Live Metro tiles of Windows 8 on Windows 7.

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Rijin - November 11, 2012

I installed vistart. But after uninstalling it, in the taskbar it is written “start” just beside IE. How to remove that? Pls help

    Rohit Langde - November 11, 2012

    Just execute that viStart file once again.
    Now, EXIT the program first and then uninstall. Problem should be solved by now.

srinu smart - November 11, 2012

Thanks mate, helpful one.

S Thiruvengadam - November 11, 2012

Dear Sir

If you want to work in windows 7 why upgrade to windows 8. We feel always difficult to accept new things. Will you go back to windows xp now after experiencing windows 7? There is nothing to get irritated only you should get used to it. You can pin any app to start screen and you can unpin if you do not require it. In Mac Apps are hidden and you can pin it to start menu whenever you want it. It gives you more convenient and can be customised. Let us welcome new innovations.

    Rohit Langde - November 11, 2012

    Hi S Thiruvengadam,
    I understand that once you get used to Start screen you won’t miss the start menu button. But, just in case, even after learning, someone misses the classic style, these options could prove to be helpful.

      S Thiruvengadam - November 11, 2012

      Sorry Sir, You have so many options in new version. From the start screen type out any programme you want it is there. Just look out the tool bar menu you will understand. If you still insist that you should have a start button please do not upgrade to 8 since it will be waste of money. I am typing this msg from W8. Is there any difference? Sorry, if at all I hurt your sentiments. I only posted my opinion. That is all. Thank you for your response.

        Rohit Langde - November 11, 2012

        I do not actually insist on adding a start button to Windows 8. Blogsolute just lists the possibilities and solutions available. It is completely upon you (the reader) to agree with the views or use the software listed.
        And hey, it never hurts to listen opinions from reader. Be clear and always post comments, we respect your views 🙂

    Rohit Langde - February 3, 2013

    That isn’t free so, I didn’t include it.

Raheem Khan - March 11, 2013

Oh thanks alot, I was looking for a brief tutorial and I got it. I was missing the old but gold Start button.
Thanks and Regards,


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