Bring Windows 8 Interactive Home Screen with Live Tiles on Windows 7

Since when Windows 8 Interface is made official, it is creating waves on web and I say it deserves. We recently covered a Windows 8 Metro IM Theme which changed many graphic elements to imitate Windows 8 but didn’t had interactive Homescreen or Start Screen. Thanks to Omnimo UI for Rainmeter, we can bring Live tiles too on Windows 7.

Rainmeter is a Desktop Customization software for which Omnimo Skin is developed by DeviantArt users. It is inspired from Windows Phone 7 so as Metro UI of Windows 8 to offer multifunctional interactive desktop.

Omnimo UI is not just attractive but also it gives all essential information and control you need at one place, your Home Screen. Each Live Tile can be customized in look and features as per needs. Right from Start button to Facebook Feeds, Weather Widget to Email account, everything can be placed as Tile on Desktop.

Let’s go straight to the procedure of installation:

  1. Download the latest Stable version of Rainmeter and Install it
  2. Download Omnimo Skin for Rainmeter
  3. Extract the archive in any folder and double click SETUP.rmskin to install
  4. Skin will be installed and you will have to choose Screen Resolution
[alert-note] Get Iron Man Theme on Rainmeter [/alert-note]


Windows 8 Skin Resolution

That’s it your Desktop is now comprised of several Live tiles including Gmail, Weather, Control Panel, etc. Each tile reacts when clicked and shows summary information as shown in Windows 8 Interface Demo.

Windows 8 Start Screen

Type and Number of Panels or Live Tiles to be shown can be customized. They are categorized as  Time, Info, Music, Internet and 3rd Party applications’ Shortcuts like CCleaner, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Windows 8 Homescreen Panel

Not just one or two but Complete Homescreen can be revamped choosing inbuilt 20 styles or even you can customize the colors to make own style.

Windows 8 Home Screen Style

So, if you are using this Rainmeter Skin in complimentary with Windows 8 Metro Theme, Windows 7 will look almost similar to Windows 8.

Windows 8 Start Screen Black

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Siddhartha Sinha - June 20, 2011

Nice..I will try it out.

Snehal kumar - June 27, 2011

hey very nice keep it up rohit bro……..!!!

aryl - June 28, 2011

nice i wanna try it….

Ajaypratap Sidhu - July 25, 2011

Amazing,will try it for sure. Thanks for sharing!

chakwenxs - September 29, 2011

Nice…i like it…..

chakwenxs - September 30, 2011

Hai Rohit, i need you some help, both W7 and W.Developer Preview show the detail proses on the screen wen we copying a file or some file, like size file, time remaining and speed copying, but at windows 7 had no grafik speed copying like Windows Developer Preview, tell me how make detail proses copying at Windows 7 same as at the Windows Developer preview please.. i’m wait your reply in my e-mail, thanks.

Shruti - October 10, 2012

This is really nice Rohit. I will try it out and will let you know when I am done. Thank you.

Samarth - November 28, 2012

Awesome work bro…
I will surely do it!!!


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