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Build and Design Home Interiors in 3D with Easy to Use Software [ Video Tutorial ]

Want to build up your home in 3D from scratch? Well, for this task you will require great knowledge of 3D imaging software like Maya or 3D Max. But these are relatively harder to learn for a beginner in a short period of time.

These applications are not freeware and do need a lot of system resources to work efficiently. These factors make it nearly impossible to use these applications whenever required, specially if you do not have the setup files with you. So what to do in those situations where you have to Design Home Interiors in 3D and show it to your parents, friends, clients etc. Or in case you want to build your own home for your living plans, although there are good options in the market like burnaby condos for sale which you can review to consider all the options.

If you want to make things quick and smooth, Sweet Home 3D will be of great help. It is a cross platform application which allows you design home interiors in 3D on the fly.

Why do I need Sweet Home 3D?

Sweet Home 3D is a java based application that can be used with any operating system supporting Java Runtime. One of the best features that Home 3D provides is you can run the application in your browser itself, without even the need of installation. You can also save your files online but for that you have to sign up for a free account.

If you decide to have the application on your system, you can go for it any time as this application is only 16 MB. That’s a credit for any 3d application. So if you just need to design home interiors in 3D at primary level, this is the best alternative you got.

How to Design Home Interiors in 3D with Sweet Home 3D

Things required

  • Java Runtime Environment – If you don’t have it installed already, download latest version of JRE for your operating system.
  • Download Sweet Home 3D.
  • If you want to use the web version click here. But it is recommended to use the desktop application as you may experience lags with the web version.

Once you are ready with the above requirements, run the preferable version. The web and the desktop editions both have same interface. Now let’s go into details.

Understanding Sweet Home 3D interface

Well, the interface may seem bit confusing at starting, specially if you are new to 3D software category. With a few hours of mingling you will easily figure out particulars. The interface is divided into four sections:

  • The furniture catalog.
  • The home plan/Primary working area.
  • The home 3D view.
  • The home furniture list.

These sections allow you to coordinate everything together and work properly; these sections will be discussed in details later. Another important thing is the menu bar.

Menu Bar

The menu bar consists of important functionalities from where you can select the action to perform. You can open up saved projects, start new ones, import images/ plan layout, change view, adding custom furniture, etc.

There is also a tool bar that provides options to create walls, rooms, dimensions, make final picture of the project or make a video.

Furniture catalog

This catalog is organized by distinct categories and contains all the furniture and 3D models you may add to your home design. Just select the item which you want to place. Selecting the item gives you a small preview of the item and help in case you are confused by just the names. You have to drag these items to the Home plan section, where you would like to add them.

The home furniture list

This list consists of all the furniture that you are using in home plan. You can see their characteristics displayed in list.

The home plan

This section displays your home plot in top view. It is the place where you draw the walls and the rooms of your home and where you layout your furniture with the mouse or the keyboard arrows.

The home 3D view

This pane displays your home in 3 dimensions. You may see your home in this pane either from the top, or from a virtual visitor point of view.

Building up your Home from Scratch

Once you are familiar with the interface you can design home interiors in 3D easily. Now the first step to build a house is having the perfect plan. You can make walls manually according to your plans in the home plan section.

If you want a bit professional approach to the application you can sit with layout of the house or feed a scan of the layout in your system.

  • Load the image in background from plan> import background image and select the layout image.

  • Once the image is selected, you have to select section and scale it accordingly.

  • The next step takes in the origin point and then the layout image comes to Home plan section.

  • Now you can select the create wall option and just create the walls on the layout wall sketches. Simultaneously you will see the 3d section building up.

  • Once you have outlined the whole layout, your outer structure is complete. Now you can manipulate the thickness and color of all walls together. Go to Edit> select all. As all the walls get selected together now you can go to Plan>modify walls.
  • As the walls are made now you can distinguish rooms. So start placing objects in the rooms accordingly. Just select the object from the catalog and drag it to the home plan section. You can place it anywhere, rotate it and make it bigger or smaller.
  • Rooms can be created by clicking on the create room button on tool bar. Select a room, then you can change room attributes like floor, roof, name etc.
  • The steps are quite similar and you have to spend a lot of time thinking and placing objects. At any time you can click on the object in home plan section to modify it.
  • In home 3d view you can zoom in/zoom, rotate the view. No other operations can be done in this section.
  • Finally you can produce an image or make a 3d tour video of the completed task.

Video Tutorial

If you are having trouble with any step, you can refer to the video tutorial below.

What is the final quality of rendered product compared to 3D Max?

The rendered project is not very convincing. But still it is good enough for home and light works. Rendering takes hell lot of time depending on quality and resolution you choose. If compared to professional 3d imaging software like 3D Max you will find a lot of differences in quality. But it should always be kept in mind that this is a FREE multiplatform Java application and can be used in a browser too.

Sweet Home 3D cannot be called an alternative for a professional 3D imaging software. It does it task at primary level and also helps many beginner’s to have some knowledge of working in three dimension.


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Sahil Kotak - September 30, 2011

Wow….this seems really good software. Is it the same used by the architectures and designers who design the house?

Thanks for sharing this.

    Rohit Langde - September 30, 2011

    Definitely not! This is useful for beginners and enthusiast to build 3D model of their home without actual know how. Using Professional Software like Maya 3D, CAD, etc will take nearly week to understand and then begin while Sweet Home 3D gives you an advantage of start designing right away. And Important thing about Software is it tiny size and portability compared to bulky high system requirement.

Corazon - October 7, 2011

Great article!I am very much interested with this.Thank you for sharing your post.

Ehmad - October 9, 2011

It seems great
One more thing about it
Its very easy to use no need to learn more

    Rohit Langde - October 9, 2011

    Yeah, we tried to explain the working and explore the software as much as possible. Really worth trying!


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