Bulk Delete Empty Folders from Multiple Storage Devices

Keeping files and folders organized always helps us in performing our work faster. In prolonged usage we add and remove a large number of data creating many folders to organize them. These folders sometimes remain though the contents inside it may have been deleted long back, thus increasing the number of empty folders. If you want to get rid of these folders without spending much time Fast Empty Folder Finder can be of great help.

Fast Empty Folder Finder is a portable application for windows that can search empty folders within minutes. It is easy to use with a single window simple interface.

This application just requires the locations in which the search is to be made. You can add multiple locations from your local disk or even from connected USB storage devices. Time taken to search for empty folders depends on the number of locations and size of disk. When search results are shown you can verify the empty folders from the explorer button present on left side of the application. It also includes importing and exporting list, select all folders etc.

Fast Empty Folder Finder is a handy tool to keep your folders organized and clean. It’s portability is specially useful as it can be carried to any system and used to search and delete junk empty folders efficiently within minutes.

Download Fast Empty Folder Finder (108KB)

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