Android Business Apps to make you Smart Businessman- Part 1

Smartphones are everywhere and using them smartly is what you need to be a smart stand out of the crowd. Being a businessman is not only having expensive gadgets but all you need is hands on to your gadgets.

Today we will guide you to make you smart using some smart apps that will come to you handy on your Android phone. Android Smartphone lets you have some cool apps which will enhance your Smartphone experience as well as those apps will increase your productivity.

 1. File Manager

When you get your Android Smartphone you need a better file manager to manage all your files. Android’s native file manager lack many features. We suggest “Astro File Manager” which is best in class and will give you precise functions to have in depth on your files and their management.

Astro file manager gives you some features like better file browsing, better file management, prescribed view like, Manage Files, Documents, Music, Pictures, Task Killer, SD card usage, and Application backup.

Astro allows you to manage files like cut copy and paste with select multiple and even managing apps by taking backup of them. You can find your docs and important files hassle free which is a major Astro advantage.

Download Astro


2. Business Card Reader

Being a Biz person always land up having N- number of business cards for every other person you meet. Gone were those days of arranging them in folder and searching for pages of card holder as one can’t store them in alphabetic order.

Business card readers will help you not only arrange but have their contacts in your phone directly.These awesome apps will let you scan the card through the camera and it will do wonders furthermore.

This really smart app scans and give you sorted data like Name of a person, his company, position, contact details (that too phone no’s of work and home, mail, etc.) in a table view which can be simply added to your phone book. This can make you an Eco Friendly Biz person too 😉

Download Business Card Reader


3. Barcode scanner

When you live in an age of technology every other thing around you is filled with gadget or can be used by the gadget. You come across with many barcodes in life they range from some of business cards, price tags on various products, some download links, some codes and so on.

Scan is the all in one app for that. With Scan, scan all those barcodes and QR codes to get info, digital cards, links, addresses, etc.

Scan is simple and best app with that one can scan any code easily. It’s a light weight app which uses a camera to scan and within fraction gives whatever card reads.

Download Scan


4. Evernote

Being a Biz person means taking notes all the time. While on call, while talking with someone, while in meetings and many a times you come with taking notes. So either you need to take on some notepad or most of the times you take any paper around and scribble your taking on it. That end up losing that paper or loosing content. Why use pen paper in a digital world?

Evernote is an app which lets you take notes and store it not only to phone but on the web which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Evernote has a beautiful UI which helps to access new as well as the old notes with ease. Storing and sharing notes on the web is as easy as saving a file on phone or computer. Accessing notes from anywhere are added advantage so this is must have app.

Download Evernote


5. To Do app

You have loads of work and you just missed an important meeting with clients as you couldn’t remember or just forgot due to load. So in such cases a good To Do list app comes in handy. We chose Any Do for you.

With Any Do never miss a meeting nor getting some flowers to wife on your anniversary 😉 Any Do with it’s awesome in its class interface allows you to add important reminders with notes attached to it. So never miss any event now.

Furthermore Any Do can be synced with Facebook or online account so access from web whatever you stored on the phone and vice versa. One more step further you added a reminder and want to share it with employee or partner? Yes you can share one with another person having Any Do. Complete thumbs up right?

Download Any Do


6. Online Storage

Many a times you need to share files with others. So what if you need to share any file from the phone? Connect phone through Bluetooth or Data Cable then transfer to PC and then share? Have cloud app on the phone and share within minutes to anyone.

Google Drive is best in class cloud storage app which let you add files to the cloud and access from anywhere the globe. Google Drive offers 5 GB of free space.

What makes Google Drive stronger is support of Google Docs in the app itself so you can have all your Google docs in one place which can be edited and sent forward. If you need more options in Cloud storage apps look on our previous article on the same here.

Download Google Drive


So with these apps you will enahance your phone to do business for you. We will come up with next part to make your phone more smart.

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MANSOOR AHMED - September 3, 2012


MANSOOR AHMED - September 3, 2012



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