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Simple Trick- Bypass Megaupload download waiting time

It would be great to download files from Megaupload servers directly without waiting time and all thet annoying sh*t as if we are a premium users. We already discussed about SkipScreen addon which does the same thing but for any reason- if you don not want to install and use that plugin then this simple trick is for you – 100% working and tested by me.

To perform this trick What all you need is Firefox browser, that’s all.

1. Visit the download file page as you normally do with any file download link.

2. Enter the the words as shown in famous Captcha and proceed as usual.

3. Now, waiting time has started and you have to go to View >> Page Style >> No Style

After selecting No Style, page will look something different and you can see the Regular download link to start your download instantly and don’t care for that countdown running as you can see in the screenshot below.

Megaupload page After selecting No Style

Megaupload page After selecting No Style

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Mohammad Fawzi - October 7, 2010

Of course download link appears but when you try to download you will download the html page not the file unless you wait.


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