How to Bypass Metro Screen on Windows 8

Some people found Metro start screen on Windows 8 annoying and if you too are one of them, here’s how you can get rid of it. Actually, it isn’t very difficult to go to desktop from start screen. You just have to press WIN+D key but if you completely want to skip bypass metro then, here’s a solution.

While Microsoft tried their best to overcome all hacks to prevent bypassing Meto start screen on Windows 8, Skip Metro Suite can do that cleverly in one click.

Skip Metro suite application has one window interface with all the necessary options. Just check mark the ones you need and click on Save Settings to apply. Settings will be applied once you log out Windows.

From now on, whenever you start Windows, instead of Metro start screen, Traditional desktop will be seen. App doesn’t need to executed on windows startup; Rule is created and implemented automatically on every restart.

It should be noted that Metro screen appears for a second or two on booting and automatically skipped. There isn’t any solution to perfectly skip the Windows 8 Metro screen. If you know, please share with us.

skip metro windows 8 start screen

Along with the Start screen, you can disable other metro UI features of Windows 8. These are actually active corners of screen which gets activated automatically when you move cursor there. They can prove to be annoying at times.

  1. App Switcher: (Top-Left) New app switching feature which shows open application thumbnails when you move cursor to top left.
  2. Drag to Close: (Top-Center) Metro apps are closed by dragging from top. Desktop is also treated as Metro app so, you can disable dragging on Desktop.
  3. Charms Bar: (Bottom-Right) It appears when you move cursor to bottom right.
  4. Start Button: (Bottom Left) Start screen thumbnail appears when you move cursor to left screen corner. You can even bring Start menu back to Windows 8.

You have bypassed Start screen and Charms bar doesn’t mean that you cannot access it. Skip Metro suite just disables hot corners and automatically skips to Windows 8 Desktop.

In case, you need to access start screen or charms bar options. May be to open a metro app or access Settings, you can press WIN+C to open charms bar and from here, Start screen can be accessed.

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Ajay - November 12, 2012

Of them all the thing I hate is the start screen when we launch Windows. I’d prefer seeing my desktop directly.

I like the other features, including the app switch and the start button switcher, plus the Charms bar

    Rohit Langde - November 14, 2012

    Yes Ajay, even I prefer going directly to desktop. I need Start screen ONLY for opening Metro apps while rest of the things can be accessed either from the classic START menu (installed separately) or Taskbar.


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