Capture your Screen With Screenpresso, Free Alternative for Snagit

Taking screenshots is an important aspect that enables you to keep important events on your systems as images. Till date I have been trying many free screen capture tools, but ended up with one’s having limited functionality or a bad interface to work on. Screenpresso is not just another free screen capture tool.

It has all the functionality present that are required to take a good screenshot. It is a light weight and small tool with an interactive interface, easy to use and understand even by first time users. Apart from capturing screen it also has an inbuilt image editing tool, and can store many images as specified to its history. Each features provided by Screenpresso are discussed below:

Features Of Screenpresso

After installation it resides on the system tray. Right clicking on the icon gives you a quick access to type or screenshot you would like to take i.e. screenshot particular region, full screen and screenshot autoscroll. These are also given keyboard shotcuts so that you do not have to use the system tray every time you capture. The shotcuts are listed below.

  • Screenshot region- Print
  • Screenshot last region- Shift+Print
  • Screenshot full screen- Ctrl+Print
  • Screenshot autoscroll- Ctrl+Shift+Print
  • History- press and hold Print
  • Record video region- Alt+Print
  • Record video last region- Ctrl+Alt+Print

So these were some easy steps to capture the screen, now let’s takeĀ  a look on the Image editor that can be used after capturing the image.

Screenpresso Editor

As you capture the image appears in the history section. Double clicking the image opens the editor. Features of the editor are provided in two division Main and Image.


Here you get basic editing tools like the drawing tools, opening image, undoing changes if accidentally some mistakes have been done, save the image or validate it, validating updates the changes made to the image and stores them in default location.


In this section you get tools to play with your captured image.

You can crop the image and resize it according to your choice with a lot of resizing options.

The border tab lets you to specify the border type i.e. border width, type round or square, color of border, transparency of the border or a solid color, adding reflection and shadow to the image.

Recording activities on the screen

You can also recode current activity with screenpresso. If you find the video capture option grayed out after right clicking on the icon (as in my case), you can use the keyboard shortcut “Alt+Print” to bring up the window and select the region. It records screen with sounds and the resolution can also be changed. While stopping the recording it always crashed. But the recording got saved into the specified location.


If you do not want to edit your images every time and want to maintain same settings, then you can predefine them here. You can specify the folder where the images should be saved.

You can also predefine format in which the image is captured. It supports jpeg, png, gif, bmp. Number of images appearing in the history can be defined, predefining image resolution and all other functions under the image tab of the editor. All images taken after doing this will be automatically saved as predefined.

Email Captured images or Twit them

These options can be accessed from below the History window. To email the images just drag the image to the mail editor. You can also save images from here and open them with any image editor installed on your system.

Selecting the image and pressing the twitter button will allow you to tweet the selected image.


Apart from the screen recording I was comfortable and fully satisfied with all features, the image quality after changing resolution was pretty nice and I loved the reflection and shadow effects. This tool can be a good substitute for Snagit, winsnap which performs more or less the same task but are not free. So if you are searching for a free Screen capturing tool, this may be your stoppage.

Download Screenpresso

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PeterB - February 23, 2010

You may also want to try picpick tool, which is freeware. I use it all the time.

Janis Artmeov - September 30, 2010

It’s amazing, I spent 3h reading yout blog , thanks

George - February 15, 2011

I tried the very new released of Screenpresso and it’s getting better and better. Now there is a new video toolbar and it’s working very well. The new sharing features (Evernote, FTP, Scripts, …) are veery useful.

jeffcard - September 21, 2016

Great post, thanks for the sharing, and there are some dead pictures in the post. I used to capture screen with acethinker screen grabber, free as well. You can even use it to record screen for free. Share it here as an alternative to screeenpresso.


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