Change Windows Taskbar to Dynamic Temperature Monitoring Tool

Monitoring temperature of your system is an important aspect. By default windows does not provide any tools to monitor or check system temperature. If you want this feature in windows with an addition to customization then Temp Taskbar is a handy tool. It is similar to RAM CPU Taskbar in functionality.

Temp Taskbar is a free portable windows application. It allows you to monitor temperature on taskbar with three different colors. Thee colors represent various levels of temperature. Temp Taskbar is customizable and allows you to change colors of indications. You can also set the maximum and critical temperatures on which the monitoring depends.

Once configured it takes effect immediately, you can either make it right or left aligned on the taskbar. You can also customize it later from the system tray.

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Ron - March 28, 2011

Hi Sourojit,

Do these temperature monitoring tools display actual temperatures or just an estimation ?


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