Change Windows Media Player 12 Library Background Skin in Windows 8

Windows Media Player 12 had six inbuilt Library Background skins which some of you have already discovered and must have changed it from registry editor or using other freeware. In Windows 8 the scenario is bit different. The six Library Background images do not exist anymore. So using Windows 7 tricks you will not be able to perform the same task in Windows 8.

Now in Windows 8 there is no need for you to worry about registry tweaks or any other laborious methods. All you need to do is just make a few clicks and voila! To make this happen in Windows 8 we will be needing help of a small portable freeware named WMP12 Library Background Changer.

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Changing Windows Media Player Library Background

Using WMP12 Library Background Changer is very easy. You have one window to work with and 2 options to change the library background. Either you can select your own custom background or you can directly grab your desktop wallpaper as the background. A preview window will display the selected background.

background image change Windows media player 12

The Replace button allows you to select a custom background where as Replace With Wallpaper makes the present desktop wallpaper as background. Once you have selected the wallpaper there is no need to apply anything. Moreover there is no button to apply also.

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So just selecting the background auto applies it on Windows Media Player.

Windows 8 media player backgrounds

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If you are not satisfied with the background, just select Restore option from WMP12 Library Background Changer. This app worked perfectly on Windows 8 x64.

Download: WMP12 Library Background Changer

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