Check Multiple Gmail Accounts at Once with Windows 7 Desktop Application

To save your time there are many desktop email notifiers that allows you to view your Gmail account updates from your desktop. Gmail for Windows 7 is a portable application does exactly the same but using cool new features of windows 7.

This application uses windows 7 features like Icon Overlays, Taskbar icon progress indicator, Jump Lists, Application Preview Thumbnails to make you get the exact feel of working on windows 7. Only thing that you have to do is enter your username, account name and password for gmail and your work is finished.

It keeps monitoring your gmail account for new emails at predefined intervals of time and shows newly arrived unread emails as balloon notifications on desktop. You can also read this message in your gmail with Open in Gmail option. You can add  upto 5 gmail accounts to monitor simultaneously.

Download: Gmail for Windows 7

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