Chrome Canary: Newest Features of Chrome Browser Before Anyone Else

Google Chrome has always been the fastest in terms of loading pages as well as bringing new features. Chrome Labs come up with new feature almost everyday but stable builds which we get aren’t updated so frequently. Also, not all features are included in stable releases.

Chrome Canary is a way to test and use all the Newest features of Chrome Browser before anyone else. It is like Chromium (Beta Dev channel) but still different from them.

  • Canary gets updated almost everyday, each and every feature under test is included in this release.
  • It can run side by side of your stable Chrome browser.
  • No interference with existing installation and still you get to test new features.
  • Actually, a new yellow icon Chrome application is installed completely different from multicolored Chrome logo.

chrome canary browser

Why Chrome Canary

It is always a good idea to test a new feature before releasing to public or developers. Not all features leads to improvement but may also cause instability. So, by releasing Canary, Google knows how the set of new features are going.

“Chrome Canary offers the same set of precautions. The Canary build is less stable, but it will be used to test even more cutting-edge features than the developer’s build, which already tests new features before they are pushed to the beta build. If a change “kills” Chrome Canary, Google will block it from the developer build.” ~ As on Make Use of

Chrome Canary Performance Results

If we take HTML5 test, it beats every browser out there including Chrome Stable.

Chrome Canary HTML5 Test

In peacekeeper test, which takes into account all factors in web browser test, scores are breathtaking.

Chrome Canary PeaceKeeper Test


As said on official page, it is not for faint heart as you may lose browsing data due to crashing. I haven’t used it for a long time now but people are using it even as their primary browser. So, I must say, it is worth a try.

Set Canary as Default Browser

If you get convinced enough to use it default browser for daily use, it is not directly possible to do so. You have to run a small registry hack to set Chrome Canary as default Web browser on Windows.

[button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Download Chrome Canary [/button-green] [clear]

It is compatible with Windows and Mac as of now.

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Inspirational Quotes - August 20, 2012

I still searching how to install google chrome in linux mandriva ?

Nick Fortag - August 20, 2012

Would this be the first version to get the Windows 8 UI in it?


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