YouTube Music Playback Experience Just Got Better With These Extensions

Videos are more appealing than verbal approach, whether it be watching videos of your favorite actress, singer, or watching a tutorial. Whenever we want to do these above mentioned things we basically turn to YouTube, the biggest online library for all kind of videos including trailers, movies, TV shows, animations, game trailers, tutorials, etc.
Almost all the regular visitors of YouTube may want more customization or ease of access from YouTube. YouTube provides lots of stuff but there a lot of extra support that you can only get through these Chrome extensions, that may make your YouTube Music Playback experience way better.

So, I am going to give the names of 5 of these useful chrome extension that may be helpful to lot of YouTube visitors.

1) YouTube Looper – Play Youtube videos in Loop Mode

chrome extension youtube looperAs the name suggest it gives you the support to play your videos in a loop, that is you don’t have to press the repeat button every time to re-play the current video. You can even set auto loop on by default for every video. It does not works with the playlist, as only the current video is being looped not the entire playlist.

2) Lyrics for YouTube

chrome extension lyrics for youtube

This is a very good extension if you are looking to play the video along with its audio lyrics. All you have to do is press the lyrics button on the right hand corner of the address bar of the current video being played. This extension icon only appear on YouTube video pages.

3) Seevl for YouTube – Redefining YouTube Search

chrome extension seevl for youtube

Seevl is more or less like a redefine search to find videos on YouTube. You can search for videos with genre, year, label, instrument, etc. Another good feature of seevl is the biography option which is provides the videos with biographies of the related people in the same genre.

seevl information window

4) Video Controller – Control YouTube from any Tab

chrome extension video controller for youtube

This extension is totally for people who watch a lot of video on YouTube mainly for stuffs like video editing or for leisure. You can easily play or pause any YouTube video regardless of the YouTube video tab you are currently viewing. You can even play videos simultaneously while muting some of the videos.

5) Stop Autoplay for YouTube

chrome extension stop autoplay for youtube

This is my personal favorite extension. It totally helps to save a lot of bandwidth while opening multiple video tabs on YouTube as it stops the annoying autoplay option of YouTube, but let the pre-buffering option to work.

So, as you can see these five chrome extensions and their uses, you can decide on your own to use whichever extension you find more suitable for you. If you have a slower internet connection or the one like mine which slows down on peak internet time you can use Stop Autoplay for YouTube, if you are among the ones looking for lyrics for some specific video song you can go for Lyrics for YouTube, if you don’t like the YouTube search you can go for Seevl, and you can opt for YouTube Looper for playing the video on and on.

Chrome is really Fantastic, Addon like Youtube downloader for Chrome gives on page options to download any video in desired format.

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