8 Cunning Uses of Incognito Mode You Never Thought Of

When Incognito mode was introduced in Google Chrome browser, it was widely advertised as Porn mode. Just a way to browse anonymously without saving track data like Cookies, URL history, etc. But there is more to it instead of just viewing adult websites.

Incognito mode can be useful in many situations where you don’t want to get tracked. Situations where you don’t want your behavior to be recorded.

Here are few examples where incognito mode can be useful:

chrome incognito mode uses

1. Login to Same Website With Different Account

Web services like Gmail or Facebook don’t allow directly to login multiple sessions from same web browser. But using incognito mode, you can login to same website with different account without losing current session.

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2. Browsing without Extensions

Incognito mode doesn’t load any installed extension unless you allow it. So, this is helpful if you want to reduce the load while browsing.

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3. Visit Untrusted Webpages

Websites which you don’t trust or think that they may be harmful can be visited in incognito mode without worries. Incognito mode won’t use any data from normal mode like Facebook or Google account cookies. So, if you fear of clickjacking or any malicious activity on any website, open it in isolated environment like incognito mode.

4. Submit Confidential Form Data

Incognito mode can also be used in opposite way. If you don’t want the data (text form, cookie, history) filled up in forms to be saved on computer, Incognito mode is preferable. Make use of it while filling up personal / confidential details on sites like banking, trading, etc.

5. Find Information on Sensitive Topics

When you search for a specific keyword on Google, it is saved in your search history. This data can be used to auto-complete queries or show ads relevant to your topic. If you don’t want anyone to know what you were looking for on computer, use incognito mode.

6. Browsing During Work Hours

Mostly, browsing isn’t prohibited but visiting websites like Facebook or checking personal emails during work hours could be risky. Using Incognito mode, you can avoid complications of clearing history, saved passwords or cookies. Close the window and everything will disappear. Your boss won’t come to know anything about it, ever.

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7. Search “Outside the Bubble”

filter bubble is a situation in which a website algorithm selectively guesses what information a user would like to see based on information about the user (such as location, past click behaviour and search history). In Incognito mode, however, Websites like Google, Facebook and others won’t come to know who you are. So, results won’t be filtered according to your profile.

8. Test Your Website

If you are a webmaster developing a website or made new changes, incognito mode is good way to see the changes. It will give you the view of website as it will appear to a new user who isn’t logged in.

What other uses of Incognito mode you could think of?

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Sid - December 31, 2012

good sharing 🙂
Specially liked that 4th and 8th point…


Varun Gupta - January 2, 2013

great job done…i knw sm points but i knw the totally all about ignito 😀


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