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Three Chrome Extensions, Must for Rapidshare Download Junkies

Rapidshare is a remarkable, proclaimed and the most powerful file sharing service available today but  if you are not a premium member, downloading files can be bit of a pain. Some of the problems that free user come across are waiting time and queuing of files. Now here are three chrome extensions that can help you to download  files form Rapidshare more easily, saving considerable about of your browsing time.

Skip Screen :

This particular extension will skip that particular screen where Rapidshare asks you whether you are Premium or Free user. It auto selects you as a free Rapidshare user and redirects you directly to download page.

Please note that this is not an official Google Chrome extension.

RapidShare Download Helper :

The above mentioned chrome extension will not  bypass the waiting time of Rapidshare but rather start your download automatically once the countdown has completed. When you install the extension you will not see its icon in the main interface but rest assure its working in the background and will automatically come into action once you are on the download page.

Rapidshare Auto Downloader

RapidShare Queue & Wait :

As the name suggest this particular extension will queue your Rapidshare download request and execute them one by one as soon as an ongoing download finishes. It works even if certain wait time is issued from Rapidshare.

rapidshare auto wait

Using the above mentioned chrome extensions at the same time will fully automatize your Rapidshare downloads and take away your pain as a free user.

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