ClockWorkMod Recovery CWM for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 | How to Guide

There are many inbuilt features available in stock android phones which have very restricted usage. Many features get added eventually but if you are using the device from earlier time then you have to manually upgrade it. Recovery Mode in android phones is one such useful utility.




ClockWordMod for Galaxy Ace

ClockworkMod Recovery is very useful over the stock Recovery. It provides you with lot of additional options to work with. Samsung Galaxy Ace users can now have this ClockworkMod or CWM recovery, as it is now officially available for ACE.

Benefits of using ClockworkMod Recovery over Stock Recovery

  • It allows you to apply updates from sdcard, this feature is also present in stock recovery. More of the similar functionalities are Wipe data and wipe cache partition.

ClockWordMod for Galaxy Ace CWM

  • Install zip from sdcard is a very useful feature. With this you can easily install custom ROMs just by putting their zip files on SDcard, no need of Odin anymore.

ClockWordMod for Galaxy Ace backup

  • You can backup and restore your ROM anytime you wish.

ClockWordMod for Samsung Galaxy Ace

  • It allows you to mount several locations and also format SD card or SD card in ext.

ClockWordMod for Galaxy Ace

  • Advance options allow you to reboot in recovery mode, wipe dalvik cache, report error, fix permissions and partition sdcard.

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy ACE

ClockWordMod for Galaxy Ace

Installing ClockworkMod Recovery is very easy and can be done by the following steps.

[alert-announce] Install latest CWM .it is advisable to check XDA for latest updates [/alert-announce] [update 1: ]
  • Download ClockworkMod Recovery This version is only for Gingerbread. If you are still running on Froyo, I recommend you to upgrade ACE to Gingerbread 2.3.4 S5830XXKPH. For flashing with Odin follow this guide with video tutorial.
  • Once the CWM zip file is downloaded, place it to your sdcard.
  • Now reboot in recovery mode. This can be done by pressing and holding Power button+Menu button in off state.
  • Select Apply Update from SDcard and point to the CWM zip file you placed on sdcard after download.
  • Restart system, and go to recovery again. You will find Stock Recovery has been updated to CWM Recovery.

Download Mirror: XXKPH

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Hardik - September 24, 2011

Awesome! Thanx! Hey, Can you also provide a guide to revert back to the stock recovery on the SGA?

Jimmy - November 21, 2011

Thnks for the tut. Do you know if the phone needs to be rooted to perform the installation of Clockworkmod, or is the above tut for unrooted ACE ok as well.

Sunny Bee - December 3, 2011

i bought an Galaxy Ace for my Brother.
It has no Warranty, But its battery runs out very quick 1-2 days.
Plz tell me what ROM should i install for him, i bought him Galaxy Ace last week.

Detailed Notes/Questions:
1- I have already closed all the Widgets in phone to make it run fast.
2- on phone is says Android 2.3.5 GingerBread s5830XXKPO.
3- most use of phone is SMSing, Facebook, Call Recording, Radio, Video , Songs, Video Making, Picture Taking.
4- I want it to Runs Longer & with Faster battery day 3 days atleast
5- Brother has hearing issue (Deafness) , Songs & Radios are for me for time pass.
6- may run some games.
7- Plz Suggest some Apps which allow Auto Forward SMSes from a Specific Number to another Mobile Number.
8- I don’t want phone to be buggy ( i heard most custom roms are buggy)
9- I read on your Site that Stock Roms Custmized ROms are better & stable than Cynogen Mod (CM 7).

-Waiting for your reply thanks in advance.

    Sourojit Nandi - December 12, 2011

    Use Sanginger ACE.

    Sourojit Nandi - December 12, 2011

    Ok i went through all the queries, First of all i am sorry for replying late i have very less access to net even to see the youtube comments. So here it is.

    1. Your needs include” Recording, Radio, Video , Songs, Video Making, Picture Taking.” Believe me i have used all sorts of roms till date, with just data usage like on fb, foursquare, twitter, maps and bit of camera my battery drains in just 1 day. So the battery life depends on your usage habits, more you use the lesser the battery.
    2. Stock Roms are obviously stable but the post is bit old now and the cynogen mod based custom roms are not bad either.
    3. The auto forward feature I do not remember(never used). I use Go SMS, available free in market and its superb.
    4. I am presently using Sanginger Ace(covered in previous posts) Its very light and stable.

kunal - March 29, 2012

i hav a bad query n i feelin very bad dat wat i did to my phone my android version is 2.3.6` its suddendly got update wen my wifi was on my phone was in my sisters hand installed its and baseband version is s5830iddla2 kernel version number gingerbread.xxla4.
i want it to go to 2.3.4 version plz help i m not able to understand the video plz help awaiting for ur reply i now i faith in u.

    Vijay Patil - August 16, 2012

    Why u want to revert back to 2.3.4
    If you want so then just go to Samsung care they will change the OS.

Sidious - April 16, 2012

can I uninstall CWM pls help I have galaxy ace with ICS on it how can I take it back on 2.3.3GINGERBREAD BHT …

sagar - November 14, 2012

m now using ics in galaxy ace ..I want to get back to gingerbread … can u pls suggest steps… thnx in advance


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