4 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android Reviewed and Compared

Android Cloud Storage Apps

Cloud came back in buzzing news after the launch of Google Drive. Google Drive, a cloud based app launched last week grabbed much attention by Cloud storage world due to its more space offered compared to competitors, means of use and with a tag “Google”. We will take a look into what are other key players to give tough fight to Google Drive and what’s in house in everyone’s store.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage simply means of external storage (like External Hard Drives and Devices) which is located remotely elsewhere on which you can store any data with the help of the internet and access it anywhere around the globe with any device connected via internet. There is no need to store data on one device like Laptop or Smartphone and carry it along with you to access that data.

There are various cloud apps available in “Google Play” out of which we choose Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Sugarsync as these apps are free and available on most of the devices.

Here we go with all these apps along with their review and tests conducted on 4 Mbps Wi Fi Connection.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is simply revamped version of Google Docs (which was a cloud service from long before). Drive is simply integration of all Google services like Docs, Spreadsheets, Music, Photos, Videos, etc. It’s a major move taken by Google as same like Play where they came up with all services under one roof. In Drive android app, Google kept very simplistic UI keeps minimalistic options to choose from.


You can create Document, Spreadsheet on the device itself. Or can upload previous Documents, Spreadsheets, Pictures, Music, Videos and even Voice recorded clipping on Google’s cloud servers.  Sharing files with others is the major option here and all people in shared document can edit and change that docs simultaneously. As like in Gmail, Drive also has starred, recent and Offline View options.


Upload Time– WI-Fi- less than 2 min for 4mb file

Download Time– WI-Fi- less than 2 min for 3mb file

Hit- All Google docs in one place, no need to login as it is taken from the default Google account, Simple UI, Faster Upload, More than one account, Option to choose from music player, Option to change name while uploading, Shared documents, Simultaneous Editing for shared docs, Convert to Google doc, Background upload, etc.

Miss- Folder creation, Sort by folder, Store according to our choice and folder, Can’t move once uploaded can’t be moved to SD card, etc.

Download Google Drive.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a major player in Cloud storage and one of the first of its kind in the market. Dropbox came a long way and has improved a lot time to time. The current version of Dropbox is pretty neat and clear in its form showing Dropbox, Upload and Favorite tabs.


Dropbox by default gives “Getting Started” PDF file in your box to help for first time users. Dropbox allows and stores files in proper sorted folder view with the help of its default ‘Photos’ and ‘Public’ folders and user defined folders too.


Upload Time– Wi-Fi- More than 2 min plus for 4mb file

Download Time– Wi-Fi- less than 2 min for 3mb file

Hit- Simple and well structured Interface, Folder Creation, 500mbextra for 1st upload, Upload with WI-Fi only or both WI-Fi/GPRS, Background upload, built in ‘File manager’ for other file selection, use PIN, etc.

Miss- While uploading Photos it shows in the gallery like view cannot select individual file with name selection, bit slower upload, sharper UI, Can’t be moved to SD card, etc.

Download Dropbox

3. Box

Box is another key player in the Cloud Storage market after Dropbox. Box resembles with Dropbox in some cases like tabs and overall looks. But Box has more in its house and it surpasses in the space offered 5GB higher than that of Dropbox. Box has very sharp and clear interface offering ‘Files’ and ‘Updates’ as major tabs.


Box comes with very influential ‘Box for Android Intro’ video and ‘Box Mobile Guide’ and ‘What is Box’ pdf files helping you get started and understand what Box is. Box allows creation of folders as well as Photos, Videos and Audio. While to upload it allows to choose from the photos, Audio, Video and other Files.


Upload Time– WI-Fi- more than 2 min plus for 4mb file

Download Time– WI-Fi- less than 2 min for 3mb file

Hit- Beautiful and Sharper UI, Built in file manager to choose files, direct camera Photo and Video upload, Folder Creation, Background upload, built in ‘File manager’ for other file selection, use PIN, Can be moved to SD card, etc.

Miss- Bit slower uploads, Recent edited or viewed docs etc.

Download Box

4. SugarSync

SugarSync is one of the left behind and less famous Cloud storage app which comes with more than enough options than any other apps. SugarSync comes with Quick Access, SugarSync Folders and My Devices on the home screen in which it contains recent Docs, Shortcuts, Magic Briefcase and Web Archives.


Magic Briefcase is a somewhat cool feature which stores all your uploaded files and documents. SugarSync allows editing and moving previously uploaded contents. For bonus SugarSync gives 250mb bonus for 1st upload of any document or file.


Upload Time– WI-Fi- more than 2 min plus for 4mb file

Download Time– WI-Fi- less than 2 min for 3mb file

Hit- Folder creation, Rename and Move files, More Devices and their contents, recent viewed and edited files, Bit slower uploads, etc.

Miss- Sharper and better UI, Faster Upload, Background Uploads, Can’t be moved to SD card, etc.

Download SugarSync

Android Cloud Storage Apps Comparison Chart


Google Drive








Free Space 5GB 2GB 5Gb 5GB
Paid Space 25GB- $2.49100GB- $4.99200GB- $9.99400GB- $19.991000GB- $49.99 50GB- $9.99100GB- $19.99 25GB- $9.9950GB- $19.99 30GB- $4.9960GB- $9.99100GB- $14.99250GB-$24.99500GB- $39.99
Other Than Android Mobile Client iPad (Coming Soon), iPhone (Coming Soon), Mobile Website iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Mobile Website iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Mobile Website iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Mobile Website, Windows, Symbian, Kindle Fire
Desktop Client Windows, Mac OS Windows, Mac OS, Linux Windows (Paid), Mac OS (Paid) Windows, Mac OS
Free ways to increase space None Referrals- up to 16 GB Referrals- up to 50GB Referrals- 500mb for each new joinee
Maximum file size 10GB Unlimited 25MB (Free)1GB (Paid) Unlimited

Our Take- It’s difficult to choose one from those as every app is unique on it’s own ground. But if we took overall review then “Box” grabs the crown!

Again, Reliability and Security is concern so read Which Cloud Storage should I use to Backup Data Online Safely.

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Nikhil Popat Criccrazyniks - May 3, 2012

Nicely put, was looking forward for one. With Storage memory already a problem becomes difficult to choose between them 🙁

    Ruturaj Vaidya - May 4, 2012

    Thank you mate. As i wrote above “Box” can be moved to SD card so you can go for it

Mahesh Galande - May 3, 2012

Good and detailed insight of various Cloud apps…….

    Ruturaj Vaidya - May 4, 2012

    Thanx a lot 🙂

Prasad Kulkarni - May 3, 2012

Cool info.
I have used only dropbox. Though not on mobile.
Would love to try all of them, only hindrance is my phone has slowed down and won’t accommodate.

You write nicely 🙂

    Ruturaj Vaidya - May 4, 2012

    🙂 Thank you buddy! Try Box as it can be moved to SD card 😉

srinu smart - May 4, 2012

Box and dropbox

    Ruturaj Vaidya - May 4, 2012


BkChandan - May 5, 2012

Very good comparison, indeed.
As far as the list shows, SugerSync looks best! *surprised*

    Ruturaj Vaidya - May 9, 2012

    Thanx a ton mate! 🙂


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