How to Batch Compress MP3 files without Quality Loss

MP3 Quality Modifier is an application that allows us to batch compress mp3 files and achieve reduced size. So now we can store more and more of them. This is especially helpful in case we need to stack up our portable music players with latest songs at the same time not removing the oldies.

As we all know, a digital music in better sound quality is equivalent to a much larger file size. And even with hard disk sizes grow exponentially, that is not problem in most cases however, you can face it in near future.

How to Batch Compress Mp3 Files

Using Mp3 Quality Modifier is extremely easy. As it is a portable application you do not have to worry about setting it up, hence half the time saved.

Now that you are ready to go, the first thing that you should do is changing the destination folder of the compressed output files. You just need to select the files and drop them to the application window. Mp3 Quality Modifier automatically queues them but with an advantage. You again have the option to select the files you want to compress, in case by mistake you had selected additional files.

[alert-note] After Adding files by drag & drop, again you have option to check wanted files hence eliminating accidentally selected files [/alert-note]

batch compress mp3 files

How do I select Mp3 Compression Settings?

Batch compress mp3 files

Selecting the settings wisely is very important. Even the best compression tool will fail to deliver its full potential if you do not use the right settings with it.

The key to make any compression application work at it’s best is to be clear about your needs. The next thing you need to know is the setting variables. These are the terms like Bitrate, Frequency, type of Bitrate etc. Without having proper knowledge about these things there is no way that you can make things right.

Now lets see how these things work

BitRate is an important fact to determine the size and quality of the compressed file. Lower the bitrate, lesser the size but with it you even loose information attached with the sound file. Using a Constant bitrate indicates that you are restricting the sound to be encoded flat with same bitrate through.

Now Variable bitrate is again the same thing but implementation is bit different. The bitrate is not constant over the length of the sound encoding. Rather it keeps varying, some places have lower bitrate and some have higher. This is the most widely used bitrate type nowadays as it gives you the best quality over space consumed.

[alert-success] You should re-encode Mp3 files according to the hardware quality with you, else you will be left with a big file with no benefits [/alert-success]

Selecting a bitrate value totally depends on the type of speakers you are playing the sound track. For general speakers 128 Kbps bitrate is sufficient and difference wont be much audible. Well, for more information on this, you can go through Understanding Mp3 Compression,a brilliant guide on Mp3 file type.

Once you are done with the settings, click on proceed button to batch compress Mp3 files. If you are searching for latest Mp3 songs, Pirate App can help you through.
[alert-note] The MP3 Quality Modifier performs its task with a few clicks, and only have to indicate where the bit rate with the quality (stereo or mono) and the sampling frequency [/alert-note] [button-green url=”” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download Mp3 Quality Modifier [/button-green]




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Bing Sen - July 7, 2010

This Software is good and user friendly. Thanks to the programmer that make it. It make life easier.

Alvida - August 14, 2010

thanks 🙂

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nice software no quality loss


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