10 Moments When Computer Will Make You Scream NOoooo!

While working on Windows computer, there are many situations occurring accidentally which you don’t want to happen. They may result in loss of data, messing up settings, losing your temper and make you scream Noooo! Here is a collection of such blunders you create on Windows by mistake.

Along with these funny but real life incidents happening while working on computer, compiled by Softonic, solutions to avoid such situations are also covered.

nooo face

1. Press Shift+Delete on an important file/document

shift delete file permanently

Shift+Delete bypasses Recycle bin and deletes a document permanently. When you want to clear up pile of files in a folder, which are probably junk, shift+delete is preferred erroneously. Some important files which were not meant to be deleted may also fall prey to this. And what all you can do it scream Noooo..!

Solution: Do not panic, you may use file recovery software like Recuva to get back deleted files.

2. Press Enter on Selecting Multiple Files

multiple file selection

We generally select multiple files either to move or copy them in different directory. But instead of pressing CTRL+C or CTRL+X to copy or cut, Enter key gets pressed accidentally.

Now, all those application files selected tend to start simultaneously freezing computer system. Killing them one by one will eat up few minutes and a test of your patience.

Solution: Just control your finger movements while operating on multiple selection.

3. Confirm Action to an Error Window

confirmation window

People generally don’t have time to read all the warnings and error text in windows. They either YES or NO and in most cases ACCEPT or OK to whatever comes. It’s all about trial and error, if clicking YES didn’t work, try NO on repeat.

Worst happens in some cases because of user ignorance. Software takes action completely opposite of what you expected.

For example: Word document asks for a confirmation to save your data before closing and you hurriedly click NO just because you want to exit.

It happens with me generally while working on Firefox browser. I sometimes click Close Tabs just to get rid of annoying window and all working sessions are lost.

Solution: Patience and careful reading before committing any action.

4. Clicking Restart after completing Installation

windows update restart

Windows often complete security updates or driver installation in background. After successful installation it asks for restarting computer to take changes effect. These changes, maybe important, aren’t essential at the moment of working.

Still, you may have to face a 5 minutes staring at computer screen to start as you cannot undo reboot action.

Solution: Avoid Computer Restart after updates.

5. Open a Heavy Program by Mistake

photoshop loading image

I keep important and frequently used applications pinned to windows taskbar. Sometimes, hurriedly, I happen to click on Photoshop instead of opening Windows Media player as they reside side by side.

Such applications takes some 120 seconds to load all resources and plugins before which you cannot even close. Doing so may result in “Application not responding” state.

6. Overwrite a File by mistake

replace existing file

Finished writing a project report of over 50 pages and saved a final copy. Suddenly move on to another document open which is unfinished and while closing, you respond to replace the existing file which is in fact a finished one. Sad, isn’t it?

Solution: When you are working on important document, do not respond to any popup without reading carefully.

7. Format the wrong Disk Partition

windows XP format

While formatting HDD partition for making space for new OS, I always doubt about the correct drive letter. Personally, I double check by quitting installation but you may end up cleaning up wrong partition.

Solution: It should not be difficult to recover data from freshly erased partition with recovery software. However, it is recommended to have backup using PC Cloning tools.

8. Overwrite Contents of Clipboard

Surprisingly, even today, Windows clipboard can hold one item at a time. If new content is copied, previous one gets deleted.

When you have selectively chosen photos from Memory card to copy into computer and before pasting it, you happen to copy some URL or any other file. Just imagine, all you efforts and time spent in choosing photos has gone invain.

Solution: Use Extended Clipboard manager which are capable to saving multiple text items, images and files at a time.

9. Print 10 Pages Color Document when you wanted only 1 Page

printer all pages

It generally happens while printing tickets. These tickets sometime includes instructions, manual, brochure and even some advertisements. When you just want a small portion (Ticket part) of whole document generated, we accidentally give command to print all.

Most of the time, it is not our fault but the printer defaults are set to print All and that too in color.

Solution: Double check settings before hitting PRINT button. Use services like PrinterFriendly to format pages for printing.

10. Forcing Shutdown with Unsaved open Documents

force Shutdown windows

Often, you are left with a question whether to force shut down windows without saving things or need a chance to save them. I agree there are some unnecessary programs sometimes running in background which has to be closed forcefully. Otherwise, it is recommended to check the application list before confirming and avoid moment to scream Noooo..!

Any other situation you can think of?

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Nirupam Dutta - October 19, 2012

point no. 9 happened to me many a times…:(
Thanks for the warns/solutions…:)

Christo Chiramukhathu - October 19, 2012

Good article. But only for 1 or 2 you gave software solutions.

Srivathsan G.K - October 19, 2012

number 2 is worst. have experienced it many times.

Grr - October 21, 2012

experienced, 2-4-10

Dinesh soni - October 26, 2012

“Yessss” 😀

Nice post. keep it up !

Vivek Bandebuche - November 9, 2012

great article sir,
I personally experienced these Scream NOoooo! moments many time daily, as i am on my computer chair for almost 12+hrs a day.

1more moment that you must enter is

“When Firefox Or Chrome crashed and we have reload all previous session windows”


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