Configure almost all Settings of Nokia Symbian Phone with Configuration tool

When we format our phone or factory reset, we lose all data and settings. These settings include internet Access Points, email settings, wifi settings etc. Entering these data again and again over the time is a boring task. If you are a Nokia Smart Phone user and you are tired of entering these settings in all your devices then Nokia Configuration Tool will be of help.

Nokia Configuration Tool is a freeware windows application. It helps you to manage all settings of your nokia device. It is easy to use and understand.

Features of Nokia Configuration Tool

  • Manage Internet Access Point, e-mail, OMA DS/DM settings.
  • Store settings as an editable configuration file on a compatible PC.
  • Copy OMA DM compliant settings from a pre-configured device into an editable configuration file.
  • Copy files and contacts from directly from PC to device.
  • Applications can be installed to a device from PC.

Only thing you need to do is keep your device connected while using this application. The settings window pops up automatically, you can then select any service and make appropriate changes. Save these changes to phone and profile also.

Why do I need Nokia Configuration Manager?

Some of the features present in this application are also an integral part of commonly used applications like Nokia PC Suit or Ovi Suit. So you may not prefer a separate application for those jobs. This application provides a unique service; it can take back up of all your phone settings and restore it to another phone in few minutes. You have the option to make several profiles. These profiles can be readily exported to other Nokia devices.

We have tested this application with Nokia 5235 and it worked absolutely fine. The online configuration didn’t work as the phone kept getting disconnected.

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Ramjan Rao - October 11, 2012

thanx for nice tutorial and simple instructions


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