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Connect Multiple Cloud Storage to make Big Space and Manage from one Window

All the cloud-based services situated over the internet do let you have some free space for personal account or you can have more space for some money. But problem arises when you try to manage all those accounts through different official apps.

What I’m going to tell you is you can make free personal accounts on all the cloud-based services and connect them together so that you can have access to all your data situated on different cloud-based services Storage. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can access your data on different cloud-based services through a single account just like an Explorer say for example Windows Explorer.

You can connect all your different cloud-based services together through Otixo, a web services which let you to connect to your favorite cloud-based services like Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, MobileMe, FTP, and more.

Advantage of using Otixo

  1. When multiple cloud storage services are at one place, even free accounts can gather up to make large storage space.
  2. Also, One window management of all those Cloud accounts
  3. Operate between various cloud storage. I mean Copy-Paste or move files in clouds without downloading on local computer.


Through Otixo you can easily search your files across many cloud-based services with ease and move your files from one service to another like you do it in your computer. On the top of that you don’t have to login in to your cloud-based services account to access your data, all you have to is login to your Otixo account, that is all your cloud-based services accounts can now be accessed with a single password. If you are a mobile user you can access your data through their mobile app.


As you can see I connected my Box account through Otixo.

 connecting accounts through otixo

All you need to do login once to your cloud-based services accounts through Otixo and you’ll be able to access your entire folder browsing through different cloud-based services storage as computer drives.

otixo accounts

Still not satisfied? You remember my last post on mounting Box.net drive as a virtual drive, Otixo lets you to do the same. Just think about it, all your cloud-based services storage accessible through your desktop and the amount of storage on your computer, don’t need any file and folder for now move it to the virtual drive.

If you want me to write about how to access Otixo storage from your computer, you can do so through your comments.

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  • Avi
  • Updated October 28, 2011
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polferis - October 30, 2011

Hello! Yes, I want you to write about how to access Otixo storage from my computer. It will be great, usefull. So, please do it!

Itender rawat - October 31, 2011


Deineshd - November 1, 2011

Recently made a post on ‘How to Map Otixo Storage as a Virtual Drive on Windows?’ http://betashuffle.com/1805/map-otixo-storage-virtual-drive-windows/

Isha Singh - November 11, 2011

Thats sounds great! it means there is no need to bookmark all the cloud sites. or to remember their links.


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