How to Connect and Play Games With PS3 Gamepad on Windows PC

If you have a PlayStation 3 then there is no need to go for any other game controllers for your Windows PC gaming needs. You can use all the features of PS3 controller on Windows Games without any big hurdles.

In this guide we will go through connecting the PS3 Gamepad via USB and wireless via Bluetooth. I will try to keep the instructions short and direct to avoid confusions. If you want quick remedy then you can directly go to the video tutorial at end of the post. So, now lets start with the procedure.

How To Play PC Games with Ps3 Controller

Pre requisites

  • You will first need to install the PS3 gamepad emulator for windows. Download the latest version of MotioninJoy tool and install it.
  • Keep your Ps3 Gamepad and its USB connector at hand.
  • For wireless setup, keep your Bluetooth drivers installed. In my case the default Windows 7 Bluetooth driver worked fine.
  • An active internet connection atleast for the first time setup when you will connect the PS3 Gamepad to PC and use the emulator.

When you have installed Motioninjoy tool set and have all the other required things ready. Connect your PS3 Gamepad to your PC via USB.  Now on your desktop you will find the DS3 Tool icon. Run the application.

Understanding Motioninjoy Gamepad Tool Interface

connect ps3 gamepad on windows

Well you can see the interface is loaded with Ads but lets not lament about it as the tool does its task efficiently. So now lets understand the interface.

The Connected Controller drop down menu will show you all the Gamepads you have connected and installed drivers for. So this will be our first task.

Mode selection is important. Once your Gamepad drivers are installed Motioninjoy will emulate the Gamepad according to the Mode you have selected. Say for instance, You selected PlayStation 2 mode. Your PS3 Gamepad will be emulated in way that Windows detects it as PS2 connected Gamepad. This will match the features of your PS3 Gamepad to that of PS2, additional features of PS3 Gamepad will be disabled.

[alert-announce] The Mode will fool Windows about the connected gamepad. As a result we will be restricted on features that a PS3 Gamepad provides. [/alert-announce]

Motor sliders are for adjusting the strength of force feedback of your controller. The Enable, Vibration Testing and Game controller panel buttons will be discussed later.

Configuring Motioninjoy Gamepad Tool (USB)

So, your Gamepad is connected to PC via USB, motioninjoy Gamepad tool is open and Internet connection is active. Now follow the steps.

Installing Gamepad Driver

connect ps3 gamepad on windows

  • Go to the Driver Manager Tab, you will see detected hardware. Select it and click on Load Driver. You have to grant installation permission.

  • Wait for the installation to finish, application will become unresponsive for few moments (30 seconds or so in my case) then it will give you the installation status. Once you see this status, you are done with the driver installation.

Setting up PS3 Controller for Windows Gaming

connect ps3 gamepad on windows

Now that your Controller Drivers are installed, Click on the Profile Tab. You will find that your PS3 controller is detected in Connected Controller menu and via USB. You can select the mode you want to use it in.You can also check battery status.

[alert-note] Most of the Windows games will detect PS3 Gamepad only after you change the mode to XBox 360 Emulator. This will let you play the games in which you didn’t find the Gamepad. Tested with The Amazing Spider Man. [/alert-note]

Using the Ps2 mode, you can play Ps2 Games on Windows with PS3 controller. To test the connection you can click on Vibration Testing, If your controller vibrates then your setup is correct. Click Enable if you want to use it as Wired Gamepad right away.

Configuring Motioninjoy Gamepad Tool (Wireless)

Well, when you have the privilege to use the Gamepad in wireless mode, there is no sense in using it with USB. Unless either your Bluetooth dongle/ internal Bluetooth device is incompatible with Motioninjoy or Gamepad battery is low. So lets see how to set it up in wireless mode.

Configuring Motioninjoy Gamepad Tool

  • Go to the Bluetooth pair Tab, keep in mind that Gamepad should be already connected and detected in profile tab.
  • Switch On your Bluetooth, click on pairing button. Paring will be done automatically.

Configuring Motioninjoy Gamepad Tool

  • Now you can remove the USB and press the middle PS button on the Gamepad, it will be connected automatically. See the profile tab for the connection method as shown in image above. Test for vibration and Enable it.
[alert-announce] In Wireless mode if your Gamepad turns off after some time due to inactivity, press the PS button again. [/alert-announce]

Remapping PS3 Controller Buttons

If you want to remap any key of the selected mode of the Gamepad to your PS3 Gamepad, click on options present beside the selected mode.

Configuring Motioninjoy Gamepad Tool

You can make changes to keys according to your convenience and also depending on games you play. If you are remapping keys, it is a good option to create a new configuration profile. You can create as much profiles as you can, each for a different game. Later you can select these profiles from the drop down option beside the Predefined modes.

[alert-success] Different key mapping profiles can be selected anytime from drop down option present in predefined controller Modes. [/alert-success]

Gamepad Calibration

Calibrating the Gamepad keys before using it for the first time is a good practice. Here you will know if any of Gamepad Keys are not functioning then you have to remap it to other key. Other benefit is that the sensor, analog and other function positions will be recalculated. Hence you get optimum performance out of the Gamepad. So here are the steps to Calibrate Gamepad.

  • Click on Game Control Panel.

Configuring Motioninjoy Gamepad Tool

  • The control panel will open with list of installed Gamepads. Select Gamepad and click on Properties.

Configuring Motioninjoy Gamepad Tool

  • You first test each button of the Gamepad. If you find something wrong, then remap it from within Motioninjoy.

Configuring Motioninjoy Gamepad Tool

  • Then from settings calibrate the keys. You are done, now you can play using PS3 gamepad on your computer.

Uninstalling Motioninjoy

Motioninjoy cannot be uninstalled in the conventional way from add/ remove. To uninstall it, go to the installation folder and there you will have the uninstaller.

How to Play PC Games with Ps3 Controller [Video Tutorial]

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