Construct Captivating Desktop HomeScreen, Functional Wallpaper and more

For those who love to beautify their Desktop Homescreen by adding some elements like Clock, Calender, shapes and Background, SE-Desktop Constructer is a option to consider. It can completely customize desktop completely by automatically change background image, add desktop clock or calendar, fade desktop with color gradients and more.

Desktop Customize Constructer

After starting the program, the integrated small icon in the notification area of the taskbar is placed where it leads to the set up of you changes, you can do by right clicking on the icon. In setting the range of so-called DesktopConstructor you can create shapes that appear superimposed on the background image. Shapes are areas of the desktop you configure the color and the size of itself and can also add a gradient. In addition to square shapes you can also round and oval insert area on the desktop.

SE Desktop Constructer

The processing of shapes is an editor on the mentioned you can specify the different styles, colors or gradient and size and position for each shape. In addition to the shapes that can be written as in the beginning of the current time and a calendar are displayed on the background

SE Desktop Constructer

This program is completely compatible with Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7.

Download SE Desktop Constructer

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Ayush Chand - November 24, 2010

Really great! Thanks for sharing.


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