Control Media Player Playback by Hand Gesture on Windows and Mac

I always keep music ON in background while working. Whenever there is a phone call or someone gives shoutout, I use hot key on keyboard (Fn+F11) to pause music and answer them. What if I could pause music raising my hand in front of screen. Yes, that’s possible.

Flutter is a small tool which enables us to control Music Playback just by hand palm gesture.

Control Media Player Music Playback by Hand Gesture

What is needed?

  1. Webcam (Most Laptops come with integrated Webcam these days)
  2. Windows or Mac Computer Desktop / Laptop.
  3. Media Player installed to play Music. (Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes or Spotify)

Control Media Player with Hand Gesture


How to Setup Hand Gesture Music Control

Install Flutter app. It is just 3.28 MB installer for Windows and sits in tray after installation.

Media players on your computer are automatically detected and when you start playing music on it, Flutter takes control.

You are now ready to control music playback just by raising your hand palm in front of webcam. Music Playback is paused if playing and vice-verse showing a big icon notification.

Recommended distance is 1-6 Feet and as said, it works seamless.

Leave the productivity and ease part, it is more of a fun to control media player with hand movement. It can surely be the 10th trick to be added in our previous article about 9 Ways To Look Like A Hacker Of Sci-Fi Movie And Freak Out People.

At the moment, only play and pause control are possible. I would like to see Next and Previous track gestures too which involves hand waving movement. I am saying this because, this is already possible in smartphones.

Though, I mentioned only about music playback but it is possible to control even movie videos playback. I have tested it on Windows Media Player on Windows 8.

[alert-note]Windows 8 Apps to Listen Songs Online For Free [/alert-note]
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