Convert Images into Encrypted Password Protected EXE files

Sometimes we may want to lock images or photos on our PC or while carrying them in a portable drive so that no other person can access them. For this purpose LockImage can be useful.

LockImage is a free, easy to use and portable application that can lock any image into password protected exe files in just few steps. This small application consists of one main window with no settings options to worry about. Once you download the application, just click on it to start. You can add an image to it and save it an any location you like, while saving the image as exe you will get option to enter password. Just enter the password to finish the conversion.

Now to open the image you have to click on the exe file and you will be asked for the password you used to lock the file. The image will only open when you enter the password.

My Verdict: This small tool is very useful for securing images or photos, but you can only lock one image at a time. This may cause inconvenience to people who want to lock all images in a folder to exe files.

Download: LockImage

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