How to Convert PDF to Excel (XLS)

PDF to Excel conversion is not so common and generally it is not needed but can be useful at times. Copying Tables from PDFs to Excel Sheets is not an easy task. So, rather than copy-pasting, converting is viable option.

In most cases, to make a copy and paste, do not guarantee the columns, rows or the beginning and end tables. And if we have a really complex data table in PDF and want to pass it to Excel, the manual work we have to do to is really hectic and eats up more time.


Fortunately we can use PDF to Excel to create our XLS, and can edit in MS Excel, OpenOffice, Google Docs, etc. And above all, it’s completely free.

  1. Select the PDF to convert, write our e-mail and click the Convert button
  2. The application will process the file (identify the tables, rule out additional content and package tables within an XLS file) and then send it via email.
  3. Check our mail, you will receive xls file in minutes.
  4. Done! You are ready to edit it further.
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