Copy or Move Several Files from Different Locations to a Folder

Copying or moving files from different drives of a computer to a single folder is a tedious task that we have to perform sometimes. Situation becomes worse when there are dozens of files each in a different location. This task can be easily performed by FileBucket.

easy copy or move files windows7 filebucket

FileBucket is a free, portable, easy to use application that takes files from different locations on your computer and you can copy or move the desired files to a single file anywhere on your computer.

This application consists of a single main window which is further separated into four divisions. Select files from different locations in one window and add it to the list of files to be moved or copied, you can add a single file or all files in the selected folder. Once you have finished this job select a destination folder for the files. Then you will get options whether to move or copy the file. Press the Process files button to perform the action.

My Verdict: Using this application is highly recommended as it is portable and helps in reducing our work.

Download: FileBucket

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