Corrupt File Generator to Destruct Files and tackle Deadlines

I am not so punctual student and often forget to complete assignments and presentations on time. Here is a way to cheat your professor without giving lame excuses for not being able to complete allotted task on time.

Yes, present a corrupted file and blame the computer system or storage device (pen drive) for it rather than confessing that you are lazy to do it who loves to waste time playing or surfing web than completing those boring assignments.

File Destructor is a web application that can generate a corrupt file with desired file name, file size and file extension. This sounds more realistic and file contains nothing but corrupt data, so when you try to open it does not work.

It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac and no additional software needed.

Make sure that file name and size should be such that it should be realistic as it should be with desired extension ofcourse!

Good Luck!

Site: File Destructor

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Jackson Welsh - November 14, 2016

Site no longer works – try
It is currently giving a 504 error when the file is generated.


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