How to Create Animated 3D Avatars for FREE

Avatar is a representation of yourself on Web and when you create 3D avatar, it looks no less than real entity with animation adding liveliness. Here is a simple tool to create animated 3D avatar which even lets you communicate with others over chat as yourself.

Fix8 is a free and easy to use interactive tool to create animated 3D avatars. It animates expressions and movements in real-time over 3D avatars. All you need is your PC, a webcam, and a dash of creativity. Use a wide mix of creative tools and accessories to “dress up” and create animated videos for sharing.

You can also share avatar animation with friends in real-time IM webcam chat. It is perfect:

  • For those who love creativity.
  • For those who live and think in a three-dimensional world.
  • For funny, ironic and original.
  • For those who have free time.

To all of them, I recommend Fix8– an application that allows users to generate three-dimensional animations thanks to an interesting technology that mixes the reality of your face in a webcam components with entertaining cartoons.

How to Create Animated 3D Avatar?

Install Fix8 and along with it comes Web Cam drivers which lets you do real time customization and animated gestures on screen. Open the application and first important task is to calibrate your face position so that software detects it. Once, this is done, you are good to go!

Choose Accessories to wear on face, select from avatars in library, make weird faces! Have Video chats on Instant Messengers with these Avatars talking as yourself and more! You can see the possibilities of this software here in this video:

These 3D animated avatars could be saved as Photo by capturing screen or Video can be recorded there itself using the Record button.

Classic or Free version of this software has limited set of avatars and accessories but fully functional till 30 days. Download Classic version for free – fix8-latest-classic.exe – 32MB

If Avatars were not enough, you can convert 2D Videos to 3D and watch without 3D monitor.

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Tomas Karkalas - December 10, 2007

Wow, thank you for the sharing good news.
Your post reveals your good heart.
Thank you once more

ni3tiger - December 12, 2007


nothing to say!!!

Free Animated Money Gifs - June 22, 2008

Good site I “Stumbledupon” it today and gave it a stumble for you.. looking forward to seeing what else you have..later

createmo - November 2, 2008

Thank you for your website 😉
I made with photoshop backgrounds for myspace or youtube and even more
my backgrounds:
all the best and thank you again!

Shirl Raisler - September 8, 2010

3d technology is getting more and more wonderful! I have been following the news lately, soon there will be 3d smartphones and 3d gaming devices.

Kandi Stachowiak - September 8, 2010

i by no means anticipated 3d technology to take off so significantly. I’ve been hearing a great deal in the media latley about products that are shortly to be released. 3d is going to be all around you in the foreseeable future.


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