Create Animated GIF Images Online Easily and Edit Them with MakeGIF

I have tried various desktop and online applications to create animated GIF images. Desktop applications added watermark since they were unregistered version or they didn’t allow to add JPG and PNG extensions.

Another online service called Image-tools allowed other formats but it added one more it’s own image with image tools written on it.

GIFmake overcomes the above drawbacks and allows user to create animated GIF images online with an ease. It has a simple interface which may appear unappealing to you, but do not go on it’s looks. The service provided is effective. GIFMAKE creates an animation using a collection of static images.You can either upload images from your computer or directly use image URL from other online source. Thus, you are saved from the trouble of re-uploading.

create gif images online free

Just indicate the directions or raise the drawings that form the animated gif. To join, the Gifmake resizing and setting the cycle of movement has to be applied. You can customize the speed of created GIF image by setting the delay. Less delay signifies a fast animation while a greater delay will make it slow. The delay should be chosen wisely, a too slow or too fast animation can spoil the final effect that you may have expected.

GIFMAKE composes with (gif,jpeg,png) pictures an animated GIF.

Edit GIF Images Online

Interesting feature of GIFMAKE is that animated GIF can also be decomposed, so you can recreate or edit it. It helps you in tweaking several GIF images according to your needs.

GIF Image is made up of several images played in transition. This tool will decompose all images inside a GIF so that you can edit one of them or remove as per need.

After trying out various online GIF Editors, I found this one simple and easy to use with facility of Editing and Creating Animated GIFs online.

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Laurent - July 3, 2008

Hi, it’s a really nice article, thanks i appreciate…

Nihar - July 3, 2008


Very good find….

I have always tried to make gif images online but as you said comes up with some watermark or logo in it.

Will use this service to create GIF images.

BTW, your site looks very attractive

Rohit - July 3, 2008

Thanks you Laurent and Nihar.

ameo - July 3, 2008

as much as i LOVE free online hosted tools but some times instaled software is much reliable and more effeicient than browser based application !

Rohit - July 3, 2008

Not always.
Online tools takes less time and easy to use.
Desktop applications are shareware many a times.

ameo - July 4, 2008

perfect , i’ll have to check on the size thing

Faye Ioannidou - April 29, 2009

greetings from Greece…we love you!

WeGIF - October 24, 2009

Using free oninesoftware could be useful if you have patience. But if you dont, why settle for such when you can have a software that will aid you creating animated gif images…

Gif Photo Animation

Animated Pictures - October 31, 2009

Well, we create gif animations as art so we’d rather create it ourselves.

jacob - December 6, 2011

Photoscape is a free desktop application which can be used to create a gif image without adding watermarks:


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